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Israel hit 100 Hamas military targets in Gaza in response to rockets fired on Tel Aviv: IDF

Tel Aviv – Israel has avenged attacks on Tel Aviv by striking 100 Hamas military targets in the Gaza Strip. On Thursday, missiles were fired at Tel Aviv, the financial capital of Israel. Israel responded to the assault by targeting Hamas locations and stated that it held Hamas solely responsible for any violence coming from Gaza. Earlier, ‘Hamas’ and the ‘Islamic Jihad’ group had threatened to target Israel’s main cities. Nevertheless, Israel had also warned of severe consequences if they did so.

military targets, responded to the assault, Hamas, Tel Aviv, counter-strike operation, ww3, Israel, HezbollahOnly a few days ago, the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad groups from the Gaza Strip had declared that they possessed missiles with a range capable of targeting any place in Israel, right from Tel Aviv to the cities in the south. Furthermore, they had said that they would launch so many attacks over Israel that even the Israeli Defence Forces would not be able to avert them. On Thursday night, the terrorists realised their threat by firing nine rockets over Tel Aviv. However, the ‘Iron Dome’ missile defence system, deployed by Israel for the protection of all its cities as well as borders intercepted 7 of these in mid-air. Albeit, two rockets fell in the city of Tel Aviv.

No casualties were reported in the attack on Tel Aviv. Be that as it may, the aggression angered Israel, which almost immediately, within a matter of minutes sent out fighter jets towards the Gaza Strip targeting about hundred Hamas locations. Hamas, however, rejected any connection with the rockets fired on Tel Aviv although Israel has accused Hamas’s armed group, ‘al-Qassam Brigades’ for the strikes. What’s more, Israel has stated that in the counter-strike operation, they carried out air raids at terror base camps, weapons-manufacturing site, arms warehouse as well as the Hamas headquarters at Samaria and Rimal, as also on an underground missile-manufacturing facility. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu curtly responded stating that if anyone challenged Israel’s security, they would receive a reply.

Meanwhile, the Israel general elections would be held at the start of next month. The Hezbollah chief, Hassan Nasrallah and Hamas have threatened to strike the main cities of Israel during the period. It is a necessity to attack Israel during the elections to bring down Netanyahu from power, Nasrallah had said. However, ‘terrorists should not be under the misconception that they can launch an attack on Israel just because the elections were nearing. They would receive a wide-ranging operation in response, and we would do everything necessary to restore security and quiet to the area’, Netanyahu warned. Subsequently, Israel tightened their security on the border adjoining the Gaza Strip, Lebanon and Syria.

Israel has alleged that just like the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, Lebanon’s Hezbollah as also the Iranian and Hezbollah terrorists in Syrian border areas were jointly preparing to challenge Israel’s security. In the wake of the Tel Aviv rocket attacks, all political parties in Israel have voiced enraged reactions along with the demand to take strong action against Hamas with the government. It is, thus, evident that the nation is unified and in agreement over Israel’s national security.

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