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Israel PM Netanyahu issues ultimatum says, retaking Gaza to stop attacks ‘still on the table’ but the last resort

Tel Aviv: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu created a sensation as he said, ‘To stop the rocket attacks that originate from the Gaza Strip, Israel’s reoccupation of Gaza is ‘still on the table’. However, it is the last option on the table available for Israel, not the first.’ Although Israel currently has control over the Gaza Strip since 2007, the internal affairs are managed by the Palestinian government and administration. However, the Israeli Prime Minister seems to have issued an ultimatum to the extremist Palestinian organisations with the announcement, that “if the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip do not stop, Israel will, once again, reclaim the Gaza Strip”.

The rocket, mortars and balloon attacks from the Gaza Strip have currently stopped, because of the mediation from Egypt. Nevertheless, the Israeli population is worried that Hamas and the Islamic Jihad would reinitiate the attacks at any time. Considering the developments, the Israeli Prime Minister threatened the extremist Palestinian organisations and terrorists during an interview. All options were ‘still on the table’ for Israel’s security and including entering Gaza and occupying it, Prime Minister Netanyahu warned.

Although Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed confidence that acquiring Gaza would be the last option on the table for Israel after all others were evaluated and not the first. At the same time, “Israel was capable of crushing Hamas. Albeit, doing at the very beginning would not be right”, said Netanyahu as he demonstrated that various alternatives were available to Israel for dealing with Gaza. Also, the Israeli Prime Minister said that “If Israel invaded and took over Gaza, it will never withdraw from there. Nonetheless, Israel was not interested in ruling over 2 million Palestinians”, he clarified.

Additionally, Prime Minister Netanyahu suggested that Israel may also consider the alternative of delegating the responsibility of the Gaza Strip to another country and he added that he had already discussed the issue with the Arab leaders as well. In spite of that, the Prime Minister said that no Arab country was willing to take the responsibility of the Gaza Strip, as he presented the stance of the Arab countries. At the same time, Israel will not engage in any political negotiations with Hamas or any other organisation, which give slogans for the destruction of Israel, he asserted.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu has left for Russia on Thursday morning, and this time, he will be meeting President Vladimir Putin during the visit. The Israeli Prime Minister’s Russia tour is believed to be critical considering the Israeli elections are merely five days away. Moreover, Prime Minister Netanyahu visited the United States only last week and met President Donald Trump.

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