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China’s Communist regime plans to send 10 million youth to rural areas, indicates a return of Mao-style ‘Cultural Revolution’

Beijing: The ruling Chinese communist party has devised an ambitious programme to send more than 10 million youth to rural areas for bringing about development in the regions. This programme is claimed to be formulated to propagate the Chinese advances in cultural, technology and medical sector to the rural zones. However, the analysts have warned that the real reason behind the programme is the economic upheaval in China and that the new plan would be used to cover up the burning issue of unemployment in the state.

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For the last few years, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been in the effort to achieve a status equal to or higher than Mao Tse-tung, known as the Father of the People’s Republic of China and the supreme leader of the mainland. In its pursuit, Jinping had the party announce him as the core leader. After that, he has thus, tried to get his political ideologies included in the country’s constitution and initiated campaigns to consolidate his position to establish himself as the supreme of the party and the nation. Currently, the control of the party, government and the military are vested in his hand and that an authoritarian monopolistic rule, like the dictatorship of Mao, is once again said to have been created.

Nevertheless, at the same time, Jinping has not been very successful in creating a sharp image for China globally. The Chinese economy has witnessed significant turmoil because of the US-China trade war and the jolts to the ambitious One Belt One Road initiative. Also, China’s rising internal debt burdens and declining international trade are ringing warning bells in many of the large Chinese industries. In the last two years, a few big Chinese companies had even declared bankruptcy.

Considering the developments, the Chinese programme for sending more than 10 million youth to rural areas attains significance. Last January, the mainland undertook an ambitious effort to relocate more than 10 million citizens under a poverty alleviation programme. Although not much information is available on the scheme that was initiated in all the 22 provinces of China, an estimated 2.5 million citizens are believed to have been relocated.

Global Times, the Chinese state-run daily while describing the programme for sending the country’s youth to the rural zones, has mentioned the Cultural Revolution that Mao Tse-tung, the proponent of the communist revolution. In the decade of 1960-70, millions of youth had been sent to the rural areas under the never-before-seen programme, with the responsibility to implement development projects. The current Chinese President, Xi Jinping, at the age of 16 had also been sent to a village in the Shanxi province and was made to work for seven years.

Under the new programme, regions selected for the youth include the foundation areas of the communist revolution, those in extreme poverty as also ones with religious minorities. The communique the Communist Youth League (CYL) published says that the programme would come into effect by the year 2020.

Zhang Lifen, leading Beijing-based political analyst has alleged the main reason behind the strange new programme Jinping had declared, was the economic upheaval in the mainland. This year, nearly 8.6 million graduates in China are unemployed, and the numbers could rise sharply in the near future. In his claim, Lifen also alleged that the plot had been devised to send the youth to the rural areas as the increasing unemployment figures would become a cause of a significant headache for the Chinese Communist government.

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