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Global Times claims China armed with swarms of AI helicopter-drones, capable of gun-fire, mortar, grenade attacks

Beijing: After being one of the first to induct hypersonic missiles, electromagnetic guns and laser systems in the defence forces, China appears to have taken the lead in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector as well. China’s state-run mouthpiece Global Times claimed that the Chinese Swarm helicopters, which were based on the AI technology, were in a state of readiness to attack the enemy. The mouthpiece went on to state that the swarms of helicopters were capable of opening fire, launching mortars or grenade attacks on the enemy.

swarms of AI, induct hypersonic missiles, swarm intelligence, drones, AI, China, TurkeyRecently, a Defence Trade Show was organised in Turkey. All the leading defence equipment manufacturers from various nations exhibited the weapons and systems that they have developed in the fair. China’s Zhuhai Ziyan company also displayed its drones in the exhibit. The company has developed and tested various types of drones, which also include mini-sized to large-sized six-foot long drone helicopters and has claimed that some of the drones were capable of speeds up to 130 kmph.

Based on the technology that was on display at the fair, the Global Times has issued threats to China’s adversaries. The AI-based drones can carry out large-scale mortar, grenade and machine-gun attacks. One sizeable armoured vehicle can simultaneously launch more than ten drone helicopters. Being based on AI, the helicopters do not require to be controlled for further operations even though they are unmanned. The swarm of ten drones complete their mission in coordination and return to the base camp, the Global Times reported.

It, therefore, makes the Chinese drone helicopters lethal, the Global Times said. Also, the daily indicated that significant attacks could be carried out using the set of 10 drone helicopters. At the same time, the United States and Russia were lagging quite a bit in AI and swarm intelligence, the Chinese daily claimed. China had revealed information on Swarm Drones in a previous defence trade fair held in China. Furthermore, China had asserted that it had the capacity to launch a thousand drones simultaneously.

Last January, China had launched 1180 swarm helicopters. After that, China had announced of using AI and Swarm Intelligence for military purposes. Also in June last year, China had launched Swarm Shark Ships. The mainland had tested more than 50 Swarm Ships in an unknown marine region, where the Swarm Shark Ships had formed the figure of the large NIMITZ-class aircraft carrier of the United States. What’s more, is that the Swarm Ships are believed to be capable of carrying out significant attacks on destroyers.
Meanwhile, the swarms of helicopters and ships, are perhaps a warning bell for all of China’s rivals.

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