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UK should follow the people’s verdict of 2016 referendum and leave the EU: US NSA John Bolton

Washington/London: US National Security Advisor John Bolton indicated that the United States firmly supported the Brexit saying, ‘Brexit is an excellent opportunity to make the United Kingdom (UK), a strong and independent nation. Therefore, the United States deeply believes that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union, in accordance with the national referendum taken in 2016.’ Bolton’s statements were made ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom which he is to embark upon from Monday, and thus, assume significance.

President Trump has been a staunch supporter of Brexit, from the very beginning. Nigel Farage, who was central in getting the Brexit approved, is considered to be a close associate of President Trump. He has even met with President Trump independently. On the other hand, Trump took note of the voice of the British people, following the Brexit referendum. Also, after assuming office, he has repeatedly assured the UK that the United States would stand resolute behind the state, after Brexit.

At the same time, it has been observed in the last two years that the US President has not been on such good terms with the EU. President Trump cancelled the trade discussions with the EU after coming to power. At the same time, he even blamed the bloc and the member nations of not contributing the expected share towards the defence expenditure. Also, Trump has consistently criticised the immigrant policies the EU adopted and strongly supported the leaders and governments opposing the EU over the matter.

Last year, Trump had expressed resentment over the Brexit agreement which the British Prime Minister Theresa May had offered to the EU. ‘The Brexit agreement the British government has proposed, is beneficial to the EU, in the current scenario. If the agreement is enforced, the UK does not seem likely to be able to enter into a trade agreement with the United States. This is not a very good thing,’ stated Trump as he targeted May for taking a soft stand against the EU.

Given the background, the US stand National Security Advisor John Bolton presented, becomes significant. Bolton stated that As a separate nation again, Britain’s impact on the world has the prospect of being even greater… I think it will help us in NATO in particular to have another strong and independent country that will help NATO to be more effective, and that has to be a plus..’ At the time, Bolton mentioned the resignation of Prime Minister May and highlighted that the future British Prime Minister would have to complete the Brexit procedure and then be required to prioritise the trade discussions with the United States.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her resignation over the Brexit crisis and would be officially tendering her resignation on 7th of June. After that, a new leader would be appointed as the Prime Minister, but the US President caused a sensation by openly supporting the UK contender, Boris Johnson.

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