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UK’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces ‘Brexit’ to be his top priority

London: The UK’s new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson clarified his priorities and said, ‘The United Kingdom (UK) is standing at a critical juncture in history, and scores of challenges are mounting before us. However, the UK will exit the European Union (EU), before or on the 31st of October. We are all committed to that. No ifs, no buts, will stand in the way.’ Prime Minister Johnson claimed that the move was necessary for the UK’s integrity and to make it the best country.

British Prime Minister Theresa May resigned from the post citing the reason of failure in finding a solution to the Brexit issue. After that, Boris Johnson was elected as the new leader of the party and Prime Minister, following the traditions of the ruling Conservative Party. Prime Minister May had resigned because of the differences that arose with Boris Johnson, who is a Brexit-hardliner. Nevertheless, Johnson posed an open challenge to May’s leadership and maintained the pressure on her.

Johnson is recognised for his right-wing leaning disposition, sustained aggressive stance, bold and controversial statements, as also opposition to the increasing extremist influence. After a meeting with the head of the British royal family ‘Queen Elizabeth’, Johnson was sworn in as the Prime Minister. While announcing the panel of ministers, his two main criteria were firm support for Brexit and trusted close associates. At the same time, he delivered a strong message to the opponents in the party by leaving out 17 ministers from the Theresa May cabinet.

Preeti Patel, an Indian-origin MP sacked by former Prime Minister May, has been appointed as the new Home Secretary whereas, Sajid Javid, a Pakistani-origin MP as the new Finance Minister. Also, Dominic Raab, who was the Brexit Secretary, would be the new Foreign Secretary. Sources have indicated that Raab would function as a deputy for Prime Minister Johnson. Furthermore, Johnson’s opponent Michael Gove has been appointed as the No Deal Minister and entrusted the responsibility for handling the emergency that may arise following Brexit.

In the first parliament session after the announcement of the cabinet of ministers, Prime Minister Johnson strongly justified the aggressive stance on the Brexit crisis. While asserting that the UK will be exiting the EU under any circumstances on or before the 31st of October, he said that no compromise would be made on the subject. Additionally, if the EU adopts a stiff stand at the time of Brexit, the UK would not part with the fund of GBP 39 billion, payable as per the agreement, the Prime Minister warned.

Mixed reactions have been received globally over the selection of Johnson, who was eminently recognised as the Mayor of London. While the United States has praised Johnson’s appointment as the Prime Minister, the EU and other European leaders have reacted with caution. The British media have drawn comparisons between Prime Minister Johnson and US President Donald Trump. They claimed that Johnson’s stance in the cabinet meeting as also his address, bore striking similarities with Trump’s policies.

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