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US Air Force F-35 fighter aircraft to serve as airborne radar for the military

Washington: The US Air Force F-35 fighter jets have achieved a feat that even super-advanced Russian, and Chinese fighter jets have not. A US Air Force F-35 has successfully transmitted the live targetting information of their adversary missile evading US radar to the Missile Command System well in time. During an exercise conducted in California, F-35 served as an airborne radar for the military. Thus, the US stealth F-35 is capable of detecting adversary missiles that the military ground radar system struggles to pick up, claims the US officials and the affiliated companies.

The F-35 is a super-advanced stealth fighter aircraft from the Fifth Generation and has been deployed in the US Air Force for quite a few years. The F-35 is also known as missile killed because of its stealth technology designed to pass undetected through radar. Yet, since the last three years, F-35 manufacturer Lockheed Martin endeavours to improve the functioning of the aircraft for any daunting operation. As part of these efforts, the F-35 was tested during the ‘Orange Flag’ exercise, held at the Palmdale military base.

So far, the information received by the radar on the military base was being delivered to the F-35. But for the first time, during the ‘Orange Flag’ exercise, the F-35 transmitted information regarding the incoming missiles launched by the adversary, to the Army’s Integrated Air Missile Defence(IAMD) and Battle Command Centre(IBCS). Lockheed Martin revealed that the adversary missile was intercepted in time due to the data provided by the F-35. The US company claimed that the airborne fighter jet acted as a radar for the military.

The US officials participating in the ‘Orange Flag’ exercise acknowledged it for enhancing the capabilities of the F-35. Until now, it was difficult for the US radars to track the missiles tricking the radar systems. However, this test proved that the F-35 could be deployed as a sensor, radar, and if the need be as a ‘Missile Killer’ for the US military. Three years ago, the US military had conducted a similar test for the ‘Aegis’ air defence system of the Navy.

Meanwhile, it is claimed that the test of the F-35 serves as a warning to Russia and China. Over the last few years, Russia and China have expedited the development of the hypersonic missiles. The US military officials and analysts have issued a warning terming it as a significant threat to the security of the United States. It had become inevitable for the United States to develop super-advanced radar systems to prevent the attacks from such hypersonic missiles. However, the perceived threat to the United States posed by the Russian and Chinese hypersonic missiles is said to have declined with the achievement of the F-35.

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