Chinese and Russian space operations have increased the threat

warn UK defence officials

space operations

London – British defence officials have warned that Chinese and Russian space operations pose a growing threat for the space sector. The United Kingdom space command was declared fully operational on Thursday. At the event, defence officials drew attention to the dangers posed by China and Russia. There were also indications that the United Kingdom could deploy and use space weapons in the future. Last month, China and Russia announced an ambitious ‘Moon Base’.

space operationsAir Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston warned regarding the Chinese threat ‘Satellite destroying technology’ is being developed by China. China has tested and demonstrated its capabilities by targeting its useless and old satellites.’ Sir Wigston noted that Russia has deployed satellites that could be used as weapons in space over the past year. These include direct-to-satellite missiles, laser weapons, electronic jamming, and direct satellite-hitting systems. British officials also claimed that Russia had moved the satellites so that another satellite could be targeted.

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