Russia launches intense attacks in East and South Ukraine

- Russian Defense Ministry claims about 500 Ukrainian soldiers killed  

Russia launches intense attacks in East and South Ukraine

Moscow/Kyiv: While gaining success in Bakhmut city, which is strategically important, Russia has also launched intense attacks on various fronts in East and South Ukraine. In the last two days, the Russian forces launched fierce attacks in Kupiansk, Krasny Liman, Uglidar and Kherson, killing about 500 Ukrainian soldiers, Russia’s Defence Ministry informed.  

intense attacksOn Saturday, Russia’s ‘Southern Group of Forces’ carried out a major operation in the Donetsk province. Russia’s Defence Ministry informed that the operation was carried out using artillery guns, tanks and rockets, along with air strikes in which more than 200 Ukrainian soldiers were killed. About 100 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in independent attacks on Krasny Liman. On Friday, 50 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in attacks in the southern part of Donetsk province, the Russian Defence Ministry said.  

Intense fighting is going on between the Russian and Ukrainian armies in Kupiansk, Luhansk province. In the last 48 hours, Russia has foiled many attacks by the Ukrainian Army. Russian Defence Ministry informed that 80 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the battle. Kherson region of southern Ukraine, Russian attacks are ongoing in Southern Ukraine, and about 40 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed, according to the Russian news agency.  

intense attacks

On Sunday morning, Russia hit hard on areas near Bakhmut with the help of artillery guns and battle tanks. Ukraine reported a huge loss of life in the attacks. A few days ago, the Ukrainian military admitted that Russia was gaining success in Bakhmut. Last week, Russian troops launched big attacks in Sloviansk and Avdiivka near Bakhmut. After the attacks in Avdiivka, the people living in the city were instructed to leave. Some Ukrainian officials had warned that Avdiivka would likely become another Bakhmut.  

It is said that Russia would launch a major attack on Sloviansk once Bakhmut is captured. Control over Sloviansk is considered important for gaining complete control over the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine. 

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