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Ban ‘Killer Robots’ equipped with ‘Artificial Intelligence’

Melbourne : World’s leading industrialists and experts have cautioned that the ‘Killer Robots’ developed with the help of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Robotics’ are directing towards the ‘Third Revolution Warfare, if at all the war begins the, the human race will not be able to face it. This warning has been issued in an open letter written on the background of the ‘International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence’ (IJCAI) being held at Melbourne city. The open letter has been addressed to the United Nations, calling for ban on the ‘Lethal Autonomous Weapons’ being developed worldwide. 

Killer Robots

Founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, Mustafa Suleyman of Google Deepmind along with other 116 industrialists and experts from US, China, Russia, UK, Canada, Australia, India and various European nations are the signatories of the petition addressed to the UN. This letter has been delivered  to the United Nations by ‘Future of Life,’ an organisation founded in the province of Massachusetts  in the US. The letter begins with a warning bell, about the companies making increasing use of ”Artificial Intelligence and ”Robotics” for developing ”Lethal Autonomous Weapons” worldwide. 

The fatal ”Lethal Autonomous Weapons” may become the ”Third Revolution in Warfare”. If the development of such weapons starts, the extent of war and its tremendous magnitude will swell in large proportions. This new war will be beyond the estimation of the human society. Consequently, these lethal autonomous weapons and the machinery are considerably dangerous weapons and can be misused in undesirable ways  by the dictators and terrorist organisations against innocent people. Besides, this lethal mechanism can also be cyber attacked and hacked by the hackers and mishandled. Under these circumstances, it has been indicated that war may flare up owing to autonomous weapons.

Similarly, it has been cautioned that the current situation has spared significantly little time to take strict measures against the weaponry developed by means of ”Artificial Intelligence” and ”Robotics” “A forewarning has been issued that  the ”Lethal Autonomous Weapons” are like a ”Pandora Box;” if opened it is hard to know what is released and once it is opened it is hard to close. On this background, a request to all those concerned at International level, related to ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Robotics’ has been made at  the end of the letter to find means to keep the world safe from all the threats of the new hazardous technology.

In the open letter ‘Group of Governmental Experts’ (GGE) formed by the United Nations on ‘Lethal Autonomous Weapons System’ has also been mentioned. The letter also claimed assurance towards offering complete support for the meeting being conducted in the month of November, of the special group of the United Nations.  

Over the last one year, aggressive discussions on the use of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and its pros and cons went on, however, industrialists like ‘Elon Musk,’ ‘Jack Ma’ and scientists like ‘Stephen Hawking’ have taken the initiative for this. In a global conference held in the month of February this year, Musk had exhorted that in the near future, while the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ has been developing rapidly, its disastrous consequences may get exposed to the world. While in an interview with the US news channel, one of the leading Chinese entrepreneur, ‘Jack Ma’ indicated that the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is a third revolution in the field of technology  and this may flare up the Third World War.

  UK  refuses to impose retrospective ban on ‘Killer Robots’

London : UK has refused to impose retrospective ban on the ‘Killer Robots’ which are identified as the Third Revolution in warfare. The Security Department of United Kingdom has claimed that the current International Humanitarian Laws are sufficient to prohibit the ‘Lethal Autonomous Weapons System’. At the same time, United Kingdom has claimed that it will not develop or purchase  ‘Fully Autonomous Weapons System’.

On this background, the world’s leading entrepreneurs and scientists who appealed to the UN have received these reactions. 


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