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Hypersonic missiles could trigger World War 3, warns renowned US think tank

Hypersonic missiles could trigger world war 3, warns renowned US think tank

Washington : If hypersonic missiles, capable of travelling 25 times faster than passenger plane, are obtained by rival nations or terrorist organizations could possibly trigger the third world war, warns a US based study group. The study group has recommended that to avoid the third world war, US, Russia and China, which produces such hypersonic missiles should agree to not sell these missiles to any other nations.

US, Russia and China have reached a final stage of developing hypersonic missiles. These missiles, are designed to travel five to ten times faster than the speed of the sound which is nearly 25,000 kilometre per hour would enhance the military strength of US, Russia and China. These hypersonic missiles can destroy air borne enemy missiles in matter of few seconds.

Hypersonic missiles could trigger world war 3, warns renowned US think tank

Two trials each of “Falcon” missile developed by DARPA and “X-51 Waveraider” by US based Boing Company are completed. Russia, after the initial trials of missiles KH-90 and KH-80 hypersonic missiles, has developed a new hypersonic cruise missile “Zircon” and is making strong efforts to induct the missile in its military armoury. China is building a hypersonic missile “DF- ZF” to overcome the anti-ballistic interception systems to effectively target US aircraft carrier warships.

These three countries are estimated to be ready and equipped with hypersonic missiles by next year. However, Rand Corporation, the study group based in US in its report has put forward the danger of hypersonic missiles. The study group claims that hypersonic missiles capable of hitting targets thousands of kilometres away in six minutes has potential to change the balance of power and the outcome of any war. Hence the report of RAND corporation terms the hypersonic missile as dangerous for …

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