Third World War crisis greater than ISIS: Jordanian King Abdullah

Third World War crisis greater than ISIS: Jordanian King Abdullah

London : King of Jordan, Abdullah Bin Hussein concluded a tour of US in the month of January. During the visit King Abdullah reprimanded US that the Third World War is on and it is a scary situation greater than the terror of ‘IS’. Also last year in month of November, King Abdullah had alerted that the Third World War has begun against the entire humanity.

King AbdullahKing Abdullah during his visit met the US Secretary for State John Kerry, opposition leader John McCain, Senator Bob Corker and other important leaders. Details of discussions were not available; however British online news portal ‘Middle East Eye’ has revealed a few details of King Abdullah’s discussion with American leaders. King Abdullah raised concerns about several nations still stuck in the cold war era mind set. Also it is necessary to change and think about the challenges faced by world today during this visit.

At present various nations are jointly and separately engaged in controlling terrorist organisation ‘IS’. But the hazards of Third World War are much more scary than the issue of ‘IS’, clarified King Abdullah to the American leaders. Other nations along with US and Russia should consider this threat and face the challenges with unity, appealed King Abdullah. Christian and the Jewish communities are supporting Muslims to fight against the evil instincts, claimed King Abdullah.

King Abdullah acknowledged the military assistance received from US. However,King Abdullah’s expressed concern of other nations not contributing enough. The ‘IS’ within Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria and other terrorist organisations associated with Al-Qaeda are alsomatter of concern, said King Abdullah.

King Abdullah during this tour has appealed to all nations to set aside their differences and participate in this war to fight against these evil instincts.Beginning this year,King Abdullah had warned about the danger of the Third World War lurking on the world and also claimed that the role of Russia will prove to be very important in averting the Third World War.

Hidden participation of British and Jordanian army in strife against ‘IS’ in Libya

British Army’s special task force ‘SAS’ and Jordan’s special army squad are engaged in an battle against ‘IS’ in Libya. News portal published King Abdullah having informed Senate members about British and Jordanian army jointly battling in Libya.

‘IS’ terrorists are eloping to neighbouring countries post the aerial strikes in Iraq and Syria by Russia, America and other friendly nations. ‘IS’ base in Libya is emerging as new shelter for the terrorists.The special forces of Britain and Jordan have intervened and engaged in a battle in Libya, claimed King Abdullah. King Abdullah also stated that the Jordanian and British military will very soon begin war in other African countries against the Al-Qaeda linked terrorist organization ‘Al-Shabab’.



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