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Be prepared for the Third World War: Turkey President Erdogan

Ankara: Turkish President Recep Erdogan has given the message “Be prepared for the ‘Third World War’”, to the citizens of his country. He issued this warning while speaking at a function organised in the Turkish capital of Ankara. President Erdogan claimed that the US military bases in Syria can be the beginning of the Third World War. He reminded all that the armies of Turkey, Russia and Iran are present in this region and made everyone aware of the horrible dangers of the Third World War.

Erdogan, warn, Turkey-Syria border, military base, military campaign, Syria, Third World War, RussiaTurkey had initiated a massive military campaign in Afrin near the Turkey-Syria border since last month. The US soldiers stationed in Manbij close to this region, are claimed to be training the Kurds. There is tremendous tension between Turkey and the United States with this issue and the Turkish President has taken a stand of resistance against the United States. The mention of the US bases in his speech at Ankara, is also considered as a part of this resistance.

‘The United States is building 20 military bases in Syria. These bases can turn into the root cause to spark the Third World War. Russian and Iranian armies are also deployed in this same region along with the Turkish army. Therefore, a comprehensive war may be triggered in this region because of the US bases’, warned the Turkish President about the Third World War.

Previously in 2015, the then Turkish President Ahmet Davutoglu had warned of the sparking of the Third World War and appealed to make maximum efforts to avert it. Whereas, the current Turkish President had expressed the ambition to expand the prevailing land of Turkey as much as the Ottoman Empire.



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