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Russia capable of carrying out chemical attacks in the US, warns Nikki Haley

New York: United States envoy to the United Nations Nikki Haley launched a direct attack on Russia saying that, ‘Russia will not stop at the poisoning in Britain, but will carry out similar chemical attacks even in New York in the United States. The Russian chemical weapons can be used in any of the countries represented here.’ At the same time, Haley declared complete support to UK in this case.

Nikki Haley, chemical attacks, United States envoy, United Nations, Russia, allegation, TWW, New York, SyriaThe United States alleged Russia of having committed the crime of attempting to kill a spy in the Salisbury area of Britain. At this time, Ambassador Haley reminded the UN Security Council (UNSC) of the Russian stand over the issue of chemical attacks in Syria. Haley said that Russia is covering up for the Assad regime, responsible for the chemical attacks and has used the ‘veto’ five times in the Syrian issue last year.

Russia had recently complained that the United States and other western countries consistently criticise Russia. But if Russia stops the use of chemical weapons to kill its enemies, refuses to support the regime carrying out chemical attacks in Syria and co-operates completely by revealing all the information to agencies concerned with chemical weapons, then we would stop criticising Russia’, retorted Haley.

After claiming that one member nation of the Security Council was conspiring against another, the US Ambassador demanded that Russia be forced to accept the responsibility of all its crimes. The UK has welcomed this aggressive US stand. Whereas, the Russian envoys to the United Nations have denied all the US allegations and said that they were prepared to co-operate and reveal all information.



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