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China puts its seal on the authoritarian rule of Chinese President Xi Jinping

China, seal, President, Xi JinpingBeijing: The journey of new China which started in 1949 after the Communist revolution with the dictatorship of ‘Mao-Tse-Tung’ has now reached the authoritarian regime of President Jinping. The Chinese Parliament, ‘National People’s Congress’ has handed over the reins of the country to President Jinping. Jinping will be the President, Chief of the commanding Communist party of China as well as the Chief of the ‘Central Military Commission’ where all the military powers are vested. Analysts from around the world are predicting that Jinping will take the Chinese journey on a different path, with all these rights vested with him.

Jinping took over as the Chinese President and the Chief of the Communist Party in the year 2012. He continued his movements to increase his hold on the party and the country ever since. Jinping initiated an aggressive campaign under the pretext of rising corruption in the party and the different national departments. In reality, it was evident that he used this campaign to sidetrack the opponents in the party and those leaders who would be a potential threat in future.

authoritarian rule, seal, Xi Jinping, Communist Party, campaign, World War 3, China, Li ZhanshuJinping indicated that he was moving towards becoming the Supremo of the country by announcing himself as the ‘Core Leader’. Subsequently, through the medium of comparing himself with ‘Mao-Tse-Tung’ and getting his opinions included in the party’s constitution Jinping strengthened his image in the party and the country. Following the footsteps of Mao, a campaign, ’To replace the images of Jesus with Jinping’ was initiated to inculcate the leadership of President Jinping on the minds of the public.

Only last week, the Parliament which is dominated by the ruling Chinese Communist Party removed the provision for limiting the President to serve more than two terms. After that, Jinping’s appointment as President for the second term was endorsed in the Parliament session on Saturday. Taking over the charge as the President for the second successive term, Jinping started once again to strengthen his hold.

Jinping appointed Wang Qishan, who headed the anti-corruption campaign to decimate the opposition, as the Vice President and the Parliament has put its ‘Rubber Stamp’ on the appointment. Following this, Jinping appointed Li Zhanshu, his ‘Chief of Staff’, as the head of the Parliament.



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