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War against India will destroy Pakistan and cripple China

Third World War, india, china, pakistan, jaswal, loc, bipin rawatIf China and Pakistan go to war at the same time against India, Pakistan will be destroyed and China will be crippled, claimed retired Lieutenant General Jaswal of the Indian Army. Pakistan has been challenging the Indian army on the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu-Kashmir. Whereas, China has increased its military activity near the Indian border and there are reports of intrusion of the Chinese helicopters. Jaswal seems to have issued this warning against the said background.

Third World War, india, china, pakistan, jaswal, loc, bipin rawatA few months ago, Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat had said that India can face Pakistan and China at the same time. The army chief has repeatedly indicated that considering the threats before India, we have to think of the possibility of an attack from Pakistan and China at the same time. General Rawat has openly said that India has the capability of fighting war on both the fronts at the same time. In view of this, Jaswal has issued the warning to Pakistan and China.

‘Pakistan is threatening India with a nuclear war. India has a policy of “no first use” against any country, but of a breakneck reply in case of a nuclear attack. Therefore, if Pakistan tries a nuclear attack, India is prepared to send Pakistan to the stone age. At the same time, a war against India will cause China to face isolation on the international level. This will severely affect the Chinese economy and this will render China crippled, pointed out Jaswal.


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