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Russia successfully tests ‘Satellite Killer’ anti-ballistic missile system

Third World WarMoscow: Against the background of the tensions created with the UK and the western countries, it has been revealed that Russia tested a new anti-ballistic missile system. The tested missile is capable of not only targeting the fighter jets and missiles but can also target satellites in space, claimed the Russian sources.

russia, anti ballistic, missiles, putinThe Russian defence department released the information and a video of the tests on Sunday. The Russian officers announced that the new advanced ‘Anti-Ballistic Missile’, launched from the ‘Sary Shagan’ base in Kazakhstan was tested successfully. The Russian defence forces have mentioned this missile as an important component named ‘A-135 Anti-Missile Shield’ while NATO has named it as ‘Gazelle’.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced the development of new Russian missile systems and equipment at the beginning of March itself.


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