Russian embassy in Britain warns its citizens to be careful

Russian embassy in Britain warns its citizens to be careful

Third World WarLondon: The political war between Russia and the UK over the Sergei Skripal poisoning case, only seems to be escalating further. The Russian embassy issued a warning of caution for the Russian citizens in the UK as there were indications of the British agencies starting inquiries about their properties and other matters pertaining to them. The Russian embassy expressed fear that the Russian citizens may face harassment from the British agencies and advised them to think twice before travelling to the UK.

uk, russia, war, britain, sergei skripal, embassyThe Russian embassy to the UK issued this warning of caution on Monday. ‘The British officers can purposely plant other items in the Russian citizens’ baggage. A campaign to disgrace Russia and its citizens has begun, and this can adversely affect the Russian students and sports lovers’, warned the Russian embassy. The embassy has advised Russian citizens to be extremely cautious while dealing with the British security and intelligence agencies.

The UK has expelled 23 Russian diplomats over the Skripal case and has initiated inquiries into the property and investments of the Russian citizens. A Russian airliner that landed in the UK was also subjected to a surprise check a few days ago.

Russia has warned of a ‘Tit-for-Tat’ reply to the UK and has expelled 73 diplomats in response to UK’s move.


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