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Pakistan citizens prone to smuggling drugs and criminal tendencies, not to be given jobs in Middle East, appeals Dubai Police Chief

Third World WarNew Delhi: ‘Pakistanis are involved in disruptive, criminal and smuggling activities, and they pose a threat to the security in the Middle East. Therefore, the Dubai population and the Middle Eastern countries should not give them jobs’, appealed the Dubai Police Chief. At the same time, the Dubai Police Chief praised the disciplined Indian citizens.

The Police Chief of Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and a major commercial centre in the world, expressed anger about the Pakistani citizens on the social media. A few Pakistani citizens have been arrested for smuggling drugs in Dubai. While posting their photographs on the social media, Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan posted multiple tweets. In these tweets, he has said that the Pakistani citizens basically have a criminal tendency.

‘Not only Dubai and the UAE, but all the Gulf countries should think before offering a job to a Pakistani citizen. I appeal to our citizens, not to offer jobs to the Pakistani citizens. You can think of this to be our national duty’, said Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan.

dubai, pakistan, smuggling, UAEKhalfan further said, ‘Pakistani citizens are involved in smuggling and in criminal and anti-national activities, thereby posing a threat to the security of the entire Gulf community. However, he showered praise on the Indian community and showed the difference between the two communities with his statements.

‘Indian citizens are very hard working and disciplined. Because of this, the jobs should be offered to them instead of the Pakistani citizens’, appealed Lieutenant General Khalfan via his tweet.

There is a large proportion of Pakistani nationals working in the Gulf. The Pakistani economy was sustaining on the remittances from these people for a long time. But the behaviour of the Pakistani nationals is very undisciplined and this has been criticised many times by Pakistan itself. In such a situation, the statement of the Dubai Police Chief can increase hardships for the Pakistani citizens in the Gulf.

This statement has caused a stir in Pakistan. Although there is no official reaction from Pakistan, the Pakistani citizens are criticising the statements made by Khalfan on the social media. Some Pakistani media posts have said that ‘Khalfan seems to have forgotten the contribution of the Pakistani citizens in building the UAE’.

As of today, the Pakistan economy is faced with extreme dangers and has a capacity to meet only a few days of expenses. While there is no job creation in Pakistan, its citizens are being expelled from foreign countries. The flow of foreign currency has stopped from the Pakistani workers that Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf countries have sent back.

Although there are financial reasons behind this, the Pakistani analysts had claimed that, ‘the Indian government is taking an initiative to ensure that the Pakistani citizens are not offered jobs, using its influence with the Gulf countries. The statements of the Dubai Police Chief clarify that it is not the Indian influence but the criminal tendencies of the Pakistani citizens which is responsible for this’.

A few Pakistani news channels have expressed regret over this news and have held the Pakistani leadership responsible for this.


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