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Iran is all set to attack Israel

Tehran / Tel Aviv – Israel had attacked an air base in Syria on 8th April, which had killed Iranian soldiers. ‘We’ll make Israel pay a heavy price for this’, the spokesperson of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had then threatened Israel. The threats are not just for the namesake, Iran is really preparing to attack Israel and this must be taken very seriously, claim the Israeli military officials. The situation is quite clearly pointing to an impending war between Israel and Iran.

On the 8th of April, Israel had attacked the military airbase in Homs, Syria and killed 14 people, which included 7 Iranian soldiers as reported. Furious at the attack, Iran had threatened Israel and  spokesperson of its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahram Ghassemi had warned Israel over it. Ghassemi warned that Israel will have to pay a heavy price for this attack and also said that Iran will act to take apt retaliatory action. These threats from Iran must not be taken lightly. Iran is preparing to attack Israel very soon and will utilise its force, which exists in Syria to accomplish this goal, claimed senior Israeli military officials.

A proxy war between Israel and Iran has been going on for a while now. Iran had tried to target Israel by using Hezbollah and other such organisations under its influence. But now, Iran itself is preparing to attack Israel. In the month of February, Iran’s drone had crossed the Israeli border. There seemed to be more meaning to this intrusion, much beyond general surveillance. There was a much bigger plan being plotted, claim the Israeli military officials. Following the attack on Homs, Iran has begun to use its military influence in Syria to attack and defeat Israel. Iran’s radical armed wing, ‘Quds Force’ is operating in Syria under the command of, Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani. He is known to be a tough warrior, who has fought to save the pro-Iran regimes in Iraq and Syria. It is said that he is praised even by his adversaries for his wartime experience and expertise.

At the time when Iran is preparing to attack Israel under the command of such a military officer, Israeli media has started to claim that Iran will soon launch attacks on the northern border of Israel. Iran has always tried to use likes of Hezbollah and other terrorist organisations to attack Israel, but this time, Iran is not using others but is preparing to attack Israel on its own, claimed Brigadier General Ronen Manelis of Israeli Defense Forces.

Alternately, on Monday, Naim Qassem, the deputy secretary-general of Hezbollah has also claimed that Iran will teach Israel a lesson very soon.

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