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Commander of US Central Command visits Israel amid Iran’s increased activities in Syria

Jerusalem – Commander of the US Central Command, General Joseph Votel made an emergency visit to Israel and held discussions with Israel’s senior military officials. Though the details of the visit have been kept under wraps, the urgent and unscheduled visit of Gen. Votel, who heads the US forces in Syria, seems to have come against the backdrop of happenings there.

Tight secrecy has been maintained about the Israel visit of Gen. Votel. Security agencies of both the United States and Israel have preferred to maintain a marked silence on the issue. But according to the news reports from an Israeli news agency, Gen. Votel arrived in Israel on Monday and met General Gadi Eizenkot – the chief of the Israel Defense Forces, Meir Ben-Shabbat – Israel’s National Security Advisor and other senior military commanders.

Israeli media are claiming the visit to have come amid Iran’s activities in Syria over the last few days. Three Iranian bases were destroyed in the air attacks that were conducted in the previous week in Syria. Israel had also warned of launching similar attacks on Iranian bases in Syria in the time to come. Iran had replied by threatening to heavily retaliate against the Israeli attacks and had further warned that the preparations for the same were complete.

As a result of these happenings, Israel and Iran stand on the brink of a major conflict which could spark anytime. Senior military officials and analysts have been repeatedly warning that a war between Israel and Iran will drag all the countries from the Middle East into its inferno. Importantly, even Israel and Iran both, are expressing the same possibility and are threatening each other with destruction. The extensity of this conflict may expand manifold as Russia has sided with Iran in the tussle.

Against the backdrop of this, it is emerging that the visit of General Joseph Votel, who heads the US forces in Syria seems to be laden with undertones.

Israel retaliates by attacking Syrian military position after attacks on Golan Heights

The Israeli part of Golan Heights came under mortar fire from Syria. Israel strongly retaliated to this by launching air attacks against the Syrian military positions. ‘Any attempt to breach Israel’s sovereignty or harm security of it’s civilians will not be tolerated. Syrian regime will be held solely responsible for attacks on Israel’s Golan Heights’, warned Israel Defenses Forces.

As per the information released by the Israeli army, its forward position in Golan Heights came under mortar fire on late Monday night. Over the last one year, the number of attacks launched from Syria on this area of Israel have increased. Israel has held the Syrian army, Iranian forces and Hezbollah terrorists responsible for these attacks.


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