US will become associate member of the ‘Commonwealth’, claims British leader, Nigel Farage

US will become associate member of the ‘Commonwealth’, claims British leader, Nigel Farage

London – British leader, Nigel Farage has caused a sensation claiming that the United States is keen to join the ‘Commonwealth’. Claiming this, Farage has also cited examples to prove the interest of the United States in the ‘Commonwealth’ in an interview. He also went on to claim that the developing relation between the Commonwealth and the United States is imparting great strength to the UK, in the post-Brexit times.

Nigel Farage who is the head of the ‘United Kingdom Independence Party’, is believed to be a strong supporter of Brexit. In an interview with a radio channel, he asserted that the United States has a keen interest in the ‘Commonwealth’. He further stated that he had talks with the senior White House officials and they too have expressed their willingness to join the Commonwealth. Apart from this, the United States is delivering a positive message to the Commonwealth since the last few days, clarified Farage. Recently, the Commonwealth summit of the heads of the government from all its member countries took place in the UK. The summit was attended by Phil Bryant, Governor of Mississippi and Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma, from the United States.

Farage also drew attention to the fact that a new Commonwealth office has been opened in the United States and Wilbur Ross, US Secretary of Commerce and Betsy DeVos, US Secretary of Education were present for its inauguration. The inauguration of the Commonwealth office in presence of two senior US ministers is not an ordinary phenomenon, opined Farage. However, the United States will not be able to become a full-member of the ‘Commonwealth’. If so happens, President Trump will be heavily criticized, pointed Farage. Those criticizing might accuse Trump of bringing the United States again under the control of the British imperialism.

Therefore, the United States shall become an associate member of the ‘Commonwealth’, which in turn will greatly benefit the UK. In the background of the challenges faced by the UK owing to its exit from the EU, the backing provided by the United States, is very essential, explained Farage. Importantly, US President Donald Trump  too is in the favour of this, added Farage. He further made an important remark that President Trump believes the countries, which are connected with each other through the English language have something different in them. ’At the same time, Nigel Farage came down heavily on the past governments of the UK which have ignored the trade among the ‘Commonwealth’ countries till date. These governments attached more importance to the European Union’s head office in Brussels than the ‘Commonwealth’, bashed Farage.

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth is world’s oldest organization, established under the aegis of the UK, comprising of 53 member countries from across six continents. “It was a big mistake to neglect the trade potential among this organization,” admitted UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson during the Commonwealth summit held recently. Considering the admission by Secretary Johnson and the information revealed by Nigel Farage about the US interest in the Commonwealth, it seems that the organization is getting prepared to play a crucial role in the world in the near future.

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