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US to test weather modifying ‘Geoengineering’ technology

Washington – The technology capable of manipulating weather, to the extent of bringing about a calamity, is to be tested in the United States. This includes ‘solar radiation’ and ‘carbon removal’ and experts have expressed fears that this may be used as a ‘weather weapon’. Janos Pasztor, who has worked as a senior advisor at the United Nations, has warned about such a use.

‘HAARP’, known to be a United States defense project, has already been accused by the analysts and scholars as a project used for creating natural disasters in different parts of the world.

The scientists at the ‘Harvard’ University in the United States are scheduled to carry out an experiment of ‘Solar Engineering’ in the next few months. This is going to be used to maximise the dispersal of sunlight in the space. Although this is claimed to be only a concept as of now, if it is to be experimented with, there will have to be proper controls in place, demanded Pasztor. He is currently working as the Director of the ‘Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative’, an organisation that runs a campaign demanding proper controls on the weather modification experiments.

The second experiment to be conducted under the Geoengineering technology is ‘Carbon Removal’ and this will attempt to remove carbon from the atmosphere. No authentic information has been revealed about the experiment. But Pasztor has alerted that carrying out any such experiments without proper international regulations in place can be dangerous. He has also warned that countries like Iran and North Korea may fund these projects and misuse the technology.


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