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Nuclear war between Russia and western countries inevitable

Washington – ‘In view of the happenings in Syria, a nuclear war between Russia and the western countries led by the United States is inevitable. Once such a war starts, nobody will be able to control it; this war will not last for weeks or months but will be done in a short while’, warned Evgeny Buzhinskiy, a former Russian military general.

Evgeny Buzhinskiy, retired as a Lieutenant General from the Russian army and is currently working with the Russian think tank ‘PIR’. Buzhinskiy had previously also expressed the Russian stand in vitriolic words. The relations between Russia and the United States were strained due to the accusations of Russian interference in the United States elections. A political war has broken between Russia and Britain along with the United States over the issue of poisoning of the former Russian agent Sergei Skripal in London. But in Syria, interests of both Russia and the western countries including the United States are seeing a direct conflict. Referring to these happenings, Buzhinskiy made this dreadful claim about the inevitability of the nuclear war while speaking to the ‘Daily Star’ newspaper.

Buzhinskiy warned, ’the Syrian conflict will result into a nuclear war. If any nation from either side uses a nuclear weapon, the situation will burgeon into a full-fledged nuclear war. But the judgement of the western countries could go wrong about this nuclear war’. Saying that this war will not last for weeks or months, but will be over in a short time, Buzhinskiy further warned that there will be massive destruction in a nuclear war between Russia and the western countries. Buzhinskiy also reminded of the warning given by the Russian President Vladimir Putin that if Russian blood was shed in the Syrian war, Russia will not pull back from it. Evgeny Buzhinsky further stated that if the United States and the western countries increase military pressure on Russia, President Putin will not hesitate to start a nuclear war.

‘The western countries think that the nuclear war will take place somewhere in the Gulf, Asia-Pacific or Europe. But such an assumption will be their second mistake, as no one will be able to control the nuclear war once it is triggered,’ warned Buzhinskiy. In other words, he seems to be point at total destruction that may result through this war. Buzhinsky had also previously attempted to succinctly explain the position of the Russian President and warn the United States and western countries along with the whole world about the nuclear war.

As the American and Israeli activities against Iran and Russia continue to be on the rise, this warning of a nuclear war by Evgeny Buzhinsky is making the whole world tremble in fear as it paints a dreadful picture of  the near future.