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Responding to Iran’s attack, Israel fiercely attacks Iran’s Syria bases

Jerusalem – The fears expressed by experts that the United States’ withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal will prove to be the trigger for the Third World War, seem to have turned into reality. Within hours of this decision, Iran launched about 20 missile and rocket attacks from Syria, on the Golan border in Israel. Israel has alleged the Quds force deployed in Syria to be behind the attacks. Agitated by this attack, Israel fired 60 missiles on the Iranian bases in Syria from 28 fighter planes. Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that 24 Iranian soldiers have been killed in the attack and the Iranian military structures in Syria have been completely destroyed.

Iranian bases, attack, Avigdor Lieberman, Iran nuclear deal, Iran, retaliation, Syria, Sergei LavrovMovements of the Iranian military forces had increased following the United States’ decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. Taking a serious note of the developments, Israel had increased the military deployment and its readiness at the Golan border and had kept the bomb shelters ready. As expected, Iran went ahead and launched missiles and rockets targeting the military posts in the Golan border region. Spokesman of the ‘Israel Defense Forces’ Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus said that the attacks started Wednesday evening. Conricus further said that these attacks were carried out under the orders of General Qasem Soleimani, the commander of the Iranian Quds Force deployed in Syria.

Some of the Iranian missiles and rockets were destroyed by the Israeli defense system. Some landed in the vicinity of the army posts but failed to cause any major damage, claimed the spokesperson of the ‘Israeli Defence Forces’. This happens to be Iran’s first attack on Israel. In retaliation of the attack, Israel dispatched its F-15 and F-16 jets into Syria and carried out attacks on the Iranian bases.

These raids by the Israeli fighter jets continued for about two hours. 28 fighter planes were involved in the attacks, launching more than 60 missiles which completely destroyed the Iranian infrastructure in Syria. Two major military bases near the Syrian capital of Damascus were mainly targeted. During the air attacks, the Israeli military also launched more than 10 missiles into Syria. Israeli Defence Minister Lieberman claimed these attacks to be completely successful.

The Israeli Defence Minister stated his country’s stance in very strong words and said, ‘If we get rain, they will get a flood.’ He further said that the entire Iranian defence infrastructure has been destroyed in these attacks. However, he further added that this matter is closed for now and hoped that everyone involved would have learnt a lessons from it.

However, ‘Israel defence Forces’ spokesman warned that the matter is not over as yet and indicated that a series of such attacks will continue in future. Conricus also said that Iran will take a long time to recover from this.

The Syrian news channels claimed that more than 50% of the missiles launched by Israel were destroyed by the Syrian defence systems. The Russian news channels have supported this claim. At the same time, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has demanded that there should be a dialogue between Israel and Iran.

Iran has refuted Israel’s claim saying, ‘There are no Iranian bases and soldiers in Syria’. The second-in-chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, General Hossein Salami has said that there have been no attacks on Israel from the Syrian soil. Salami said that if Iran would have carried out the attacks there would have been an official announcement about it.

‘The enemy is not prepared to enter into a direct conflict with Iran. They are trying to impose economic sanctions to try and weaken Iran. At such a time, Iran does not have the option of political negotiations. Conflict is the only option.’ said General Salami.

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