Pakistan will destroy Israel in 12 minutes, warns Pak military official

Pakistan will destroy Israel in 12 minutes, warns Pak military official

Pak military officialIslamabad – A senior official in the Pakistani Army has threatened, ‘Pakistan will annihilate Israel in just 12 minutes’. Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, General Zubair Mahmood Hayat, gave historical references about the bitter enmity between Israel and Pakistan, while issuing this threat. The announcement of destruction of the United States and Israel are being made by extremists in Pakistan since the United States moved its embassy to Jerusalem. In this context, the threat by General Zubair Mahmood Hayat gains immense significance.

General Hayat threatened that Pakistan will destroy Israel in 12 minutes, during an interview. He claimed that Pakistan could take such an action if Israel attacked Pakistan. General Hayat clarified saying that he was not against Jews as such. However, he referred to an article written by the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion in a periodical, in which Gurion had stated that Pakistan could be a threat to Israel.

In the article, Gurion had said that Pakistan is a country based on religion and Pakistanis hate Jews and love Arabs. Saying that those who love the Arabs are even more dangerous than Arabs themselves, Gurion had then demanded that there was a need to take necessary steps against Pakistan. In the same article he had also suggested that help could be taken from India in this matter. Referring to this article, General Hayat has claimed that Israel has been an enemy of Pakistan since the very beginning.

Pak military officialHowever, as per some scholars, this article referred to by General Hayat was not written by Gurion and therefore the credibility of the article itself is questionable. But General Hayat seems to be threatening Israel today on the basis of an article written a few decades ago. There is rising tension in some countries against the United States and Israel over the issue of relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem and Pakistan in one of them. Protests have been seen in some parts of Pakistan over the US’ decision.

The hardliners in Pakistan are demanding a stern action from the Pakistani government and military against Israel, in view of the harsh action by Israel against the Palestinian protestors. They also expressed regret saying that if Pakistan had a stronger leadership, it would have rendered a fitting blow in retaliation to the Israeli action against the Palestinians. The Pakistani Army is taking efforts to reduce the discontent among these hardliners. This statement about Pakistan’s capability to destroy Israel also seems to be a part of the same efforts.