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Russia suspends decision to supply S-300 to Syria after Israeli Prime Minister’s visit

Moscow: – Vladimir Kozin, the military aide to the Russian President has said that no discussions are on-going for supplying the advanced air defence system S-300 to Syria. Kozin was talking to a Russian daily. He also said the decision to supply S-300 to Syria has been suspended. The decision taken after the Russia visit of Israeli Prime Minister is a considered a blow to Syria as well as Iran.

Transactions for purchase of the S-300 air defence systems had taken place between Russia and Syria. The Russian leaders had also indicated of supplying the system to Syria in the next few months. But Israel had objected to the deal calling the systems a threat to its security.

The Israeli Prime Minister reiterated this stand of Israel again during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin when he visited Russia on Wednesday.

Russian government did not publish all the details of the discussions that took place in the meeting between the two state heads. But just within few hours of the Netanyahu and Putin meet, Kozin, who is an associate of Putin, announced that there is no decision made on the supply of S-300 air defence system to Syria as the Assad regime already has the systems previously supplied by Russia and this new system is not a necessity at this point in time. The Russian decision has come as a shock for the Assad regime in Syria.

Terrorist plot foiled during Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit: Russian Foreign Minister

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister ‘Oleg Syromolotov’ informed that a major terrorist plot was foiled during the ‘Victory Day Parade’ held in Moscow, two days ago. 20 terrorists have been detained by the Russian intelligence agencies in this connection. Russian President Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu were part of the parade. The Russian and Israeli media thus claim of a frightening plot to have been averted.

The ‘Victory Day’ is celebrated every year on the 9th of May to commemorate the victory of the Russian forces over the German Nazi forces during the Second World War. A grand military parade is organised to mark the occasion and the leaders of allied countries are invited to attend the military parade. This year Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was the special invitee.

Terrorists had major plans to sabotage this year’s parade but the Russian agencies have claimed that their timely actions have led to foiling the terrorist plot. However, the agencies have not revealed the details about it.