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North Korean dictator should accept nuclear disarmament or be prepared for annihilation like Gaddafi, warns US President

Washington – ‘North Korea should accept complete nuclear disarmament as demanded by the United States. If that happens, both North Korea as a country and Dictator Kim Jong-un can live happily. Otherwise, the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un will meet the same fate as the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and his end will also be unfortunate like Gaddafi’s,’ was the stern warning given by the US President Donald Trump. The US President further said that the Chinese President ‘Xi Jinping’ was responsible for North Korea’s anti-US stance.

nuclear disarmamentA historic meeting is scheduled to take place between the US President Trump and the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un in Singapore on 12th June. The White House had made an announcement to that effect at the beginning of this week. South Korea and Japan had also welcomed the meeting. It was being said that the meeting between President Trump and the North Korean Dictator will bring peace and stability to the East Asian region. It was also being claimed that this meeting would be a huge success with of President Trump’s foreign policy.

But, two days ago, the North Korean regime has raised questions about the meeting. The North Korean regime also asserted that it will not accept unilateral nuclear disarmament. ‘United States has promised financial aid in exchange for nuclear disarmament. But North Korea will not accept nuclear disarmament as a condition for this financial aid,’ warned North Korea. North Korea also raised objections to the war exercises between the United States and South Korea, scheduled in the next few days.

Since last two days, various reactions are being emerging from the United States about this North Korean decision. ‘North Korea has still not made any mention about withdrawal from the meeting scheduled next month. Hence United States is still hopeful about the meeting. At the same time the United States is firm on its demand for the North Korean nuclear disarmament’, announced President Trump on Wednesday.

On the other hand, the US National Security Advisor John Bolton seems to have warned North Korea by indicating that the United States was both hopeful and realistic at the same time about the meeting with it. Bolton also made a suggestive statement saying that a sample of the ‘Libya model’ is also ready for the negotiations with North Korea next month. But he avoided elaborating further about the Libya Model. However, the US President openly mentioned it in his remark and threatened North Korea.

‘A special plan was made to defeat the Gaddafi regime in Libya, after which it was effaced. This time too the United States will make all the necessary efforts to make North Korea accept nuclear disarmament. If Kim Jong-un of North Korea accepts nuclear disarmament, he will continue to lead the country in future years, North Korea will get a protective shield and North Korea will also become a wealthy nation. But if North Korea does not accept nuclear disarmament then Kim also will face the same future as that of Gaddafi’, threatened the US President.

Trump pointed out that the change in the North Korean stance came after the North Korean leader met with the Chinese President Xi Jinping last week. He also warned that the United States was closely watching all the Chinese movements with respect to North Korea. Even earlier, Trump had accused China of being responsible for the unrestrained activities of North Korea.