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Trump-Kim Jong-un summit cancelled

Tokyo: – US President Donald Trump has cancelled the meeting with Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un. A few days ago, Trump said that North Korea is now singing a different tune which may endanger the prospects of the scheduled meeting with Kim Jong-un. While the US President’s announcement about the meeting cancellation came through, North Korea also has taken an adamant stand saying that it will not plead the United States for continuing with the meeting.


Prior to the talks between President Trump and the North Korean dictator, it was mandatory that North Korea accept certain conditions laid down by the United States. The US had warned that the discussions will happen only if those conditions were accepted. Indicating that there has been no response from North Korea on this, President Trump said that the discussions have been ruled out. Before this announcement, there was an ongoing war of words between leaders of both the countries. Kim Jong-un had visited China and met the Chinese President Xi Jinping few days back. President Trump had indicated that subsequent to this visit, North Korea had undergone a change in its stance and thus China was mainly responsible for this.

President Trump sent a letter to the North Korean Dictator regarding cancellation of the summit. In the letter President Trump has informed Kim Jong-Un in an extremely subdued tone that this might not be the right time to have the discussion. He said that in view of the open hostility by North Korea, it does not seem that the discussion would be appropriate. Saying that he would be keen to hold these talks with North Korea in future, Trump expressed confidence that dialogue is what would ultimately matter.

Trump has ended the letter with an important message to Kim Jong-un saying, “If you change your mind having to do with this most important summit, please do not hesitate to call me or write.” The restrained language used by President Trump is an indication that there is a possibility of talks between the two leaders in future. This message gains significance in view of the threats that both countries have issued against each other over the last few days.

‘If North Korea does not give up the path of nuclear weapons, then Dictator Kim Jong-un’s fate will be similar to that of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. Gaddafi’s end was very misfortunate, he was finished by the Libyan public itself.’ Making a reference to the same, US Vice President Mike Pence had threatened that Kim Jong-un could also face a similar fate. He further said that this was not a threat but a reality.

North Korea replied sternly to the US vice president’s comments. Vice Foreign Minister of North Korea, Choe Son Hui, had termed Pence’s statements as stupid. She also stated that North Korea will not plead before the United States for the meeting. But if the discussions were not going to happen, North Korea will even be prepared for an attack by the United States, claimed the Vice Foreign Minister Hui and added that North Korea will not hesitate even in case of a nuclear war.