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Second massive attack in Syria in 24 hours

Hezbollah base in Homs targeted

Damascus – Hezbollah’s base at western Syria’s Homs was destroyed in an attack on Thursday night. Although no one has claimed responsibility of this attack, local Syrian media has accused Israel to be behind it. This is the second massive strike in Syria in 24 hours after Wednesday night’s attack by US’ forces near the Iraqi border killed 12 Iranian soldiers.


On Thursday night, six missiles were fired at the military airport of Dabaa in Homs, near the Syrian capital Damascus. This attack destroyed the Dabaa airport as well as several adjoining areas, claims the Human Rights organization. The airport was under the control of the Hezbollah since last few days and hence, the Human Rights organization has alleged Israel to be responsible for this attack.

The Israeli Army has not responded to this yet. The airport known as Dabaa or al-Qusair had been earlier attacked by the Israeli fighter planes on 10th May.This was a part of the Israeli offensive over several Iranian bases in Syria two weeks back, launching over 60 missiles.

Meanwhile, Syrian officials have claimed that this attack on the Dabaa airport was intercepted by Syrian defence systems.

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