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War inevitable if Iran rejects US-proposed nuclear deal, warns Israeli Minister for Intelligence

nuclear dealJerusalem – ‘If Iran does not relent and accept the new proposal from the United States about the nuclear deal, a military front comprising of United States, western and Arab nations will be formed against Iran,’ warned Israeli Minister for Intelligence Yisrael Katz. A few hours ago, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Iranian supreme religious leader had made an announcement about increasing the enrichment of Uranium. The warning issued by Katz seems to be in the background the same declaration.

The Israeli Prime Minister is on a tour of the European countries to garner support against Iran. Prime Minister Netanyahu is insisting that the European countries will not benefit by remaining firm on the Iran nuclear deal. The Israeli Prime Minister has also alleged Iran of running a nuclear program under the cover of this deal. During his visit to Germany, the Israeli Prime Minister also indicated that Israel may cooperate with Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries to stop the Iranian nuclear program as well as the Iranian activities in Syria.

While issuing this threat, the Israeli Minister for Intelligence has also mentioned of cooperating with the Arab countries to open a major military coalition against Iran.

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