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The Third World War will wipe out the human race: Russian President Putin

human raceMoscow – ‘The Third World War will wipe out the human race,’ warned Russian President Vladimir Putin. While issuing this warning, Putin claimed that actions of the United States are intensifying the threat of the Third World War. Putin also asserted that, ‘The efforts of United States to disturb the military balance with Russia will never be tolerated, Russia will always retaliate.’

President Putin pointed out at the potentially devastating effects of the Third World War, while talking in a show on a Russian television channel. Famous scientist Albert Einstein had said, ‘I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones’. Referring to this statement President Putin further expressed fears saying, ‘The Third World War will wipe out the entire human race. Such a disaster was not caused during the Cold War because both the superpowers were conscious about the human massacre that could result from their actions’.

But due to the unilateral decisions taken by the United States in recent times, the situation has become alarming, blamed the Russian President. The United States withdrew from the Ballistic Missiles Treaty with Russia. With this the United States is trying to disturb the military balance between the two countries. But this will never be tolerated by Russia, said Putin. ‘The United States provoked Russia to retaliate by imposing sanctions unilaterally,’ claimed President Putin. Russia had warned about the attempts of United States for domination a long time ago. But the European countries have realised that only now, after they are faced with a trade war, President Putin retorted.

Baltic countries, who are Russian neighbours, are taking military aid from the United States. President Putin reprimanded them claiming that the situation is worsening instead of improving, because of their policies. Meanwhile, on the television program, common people asked questions to President Putin which he was responding to in great detail. But an international news agency has criticised the program to be a sham. The people asking questions were trained in a five-star hotel in Moscow, claimed the news channel.

Since the last few months, President Putin has been adding to the concerns of the world by making aggressive statements. Putin had warned that no country in the world is out of range for the Russian nuclear weapons. Putin had also warned that if Russia is faced with a nuclear attack, it has the capacity to retaliate in such a way that the whole world could reduce to ashes. Putin had even questioned that if Russia ceases to exist due to a nuclear attack, why should it allow the rest of the world to exist? In addition to all this, Putin is also putting up a strong demonstration of the military prowess of Russia. This substantially increases the seriousness of his statements.

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