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Deployment of US aircraft carrier in the Taiwan Strait will be considered incitement, warns China’s foreign ministry

Beijing – China has warned the US once again over their increasing co-operation with Taiwan. ‘The deployment of the US aircraft carrier in the Taiwan Strait will not make any major difference in Taiwan’s situation. But, such an intrusion by the US warships will prove to be inciting for China and it will act on it’, indicated the spokesperson of the Chinese foreign ministry, Hua Chunying.

US aircraft carrierSince last few weeks, the news of increasing military co-operation between the US and Taiwan are being published in the western media. The western media has also claimed that the US will be supplying destroyers and advanced fighter jets to Taiwan, and in regard of this, US military officials will soon be visiting Taiwan.

A news that the US will soon be dispatching its aircraft carrier to the Taiwan Strait to emphasize on the military co-operation of both the nations had also been published. The news also claimed that the penetration of the US warships in the Taiwan Strait, which is considered an extremely important location strategically, will be a warning to China. An international news agency has also claimed that the US will be dispatching its warships to check the increasing patrols of the Chinese destroyers and aircraft carriers near the Taiwanese maritime boundary.

The Chinese foreign ministry has responded to this by saying, ‘The US must take more precaution while handling this Taiwan issue, it should also remain aware to ensure that its bilateral co-operation with China and the peace at the Taiwan Strait does not get disrupted.’, lashed Chunying. Taiwan is an extremely sensitive topic for the relation between the US and China, claimed the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

At the ‘Shangri La Dialogue’ that took place in Singapore, the Deputy Chief, of the ‘Academy of Military Science’, Lt. Gen. He Lei had expressed his disfavour regarding the increasing co-operation between US and Taiwan, much before Chunying. ‘Taiwan is China’s sovereign territory, hence establishing co-operations with it or inciting China against it will not be tolerated’, was the stern warning by Lieutenant General Lei.

‘US’ decision to dispatch its warships in the Taiwan Strait will not prove favourable for both, the US and Taiwan’, criticized Wu Xinbo, the Director of the ‘Centre for American Studies’  at the Fudan University. ‘The US is making efforts to lend Taiwan a helping hand. But, these efforts of US will only increase the adversity for Taiwan.More nations will break their diplomatic relations with Taiwan’, warned Xinbo.

The US, however, gave no response to the remarks made by the Chinese spokesperson or the news published by an international news agency. But, the US has already indicated its intentions to soon dispatch its warship to the Taiwan Strait.

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