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China is attempting to take over Europe, warn European analysts; term OBOR as a ‘debt trap’

Geneva – China’s ambitious plan, the ‘One Belt One Road’ (OBOR) project which passes through Asia and connects Europe, is nothing short of a debt trap. Some of the European analysts have made a serious allegation which states that it is a conspiracy to capture the European markets. The analysts have also made an appeal to the European nations and the European Union (EU) not to get entrapped in the Chinese snare.

debt trap, conspiracy, OBOR, EU, allegations, China, PakistanA distinct session of the United Nations Human Rights Council was held in Brussels recently. The analysts, who are part of the think tank, the ‘South Asia Democratic Forum’ (SADF) which studies the developments in the Asian countries and their relations with the European Union, have made the allegations against China. The analysts have warned that the OBOR connecting China with Europe through road and marine networks will prove to be a major disaster for the European countries.

‘China wants to acquire and lead the whole world. This Chinese ambition will prove dangerous for Europe as China intends to eliminate Europe from the international markets, and also take control over the continent,’ alleged Siegfried Wolf, the Director of Research at SADF. Wolf referred to the Chinese activities in the Central Asian countries to substantiate the claim. China has provided enormous amounts of funding to some of the Central Asian nations for the development of new infrastructural facilities. It has also established its influence over the governments of these countries, reminded Wolf.

The Chinese influence on Pakistan is the ideal example for it, said Wolf. The Chinese activities can end the influence of the European Union in Asia and the international markets, he claimed. Paolo Casaca, the founder of the think tank and former member of the European Parliament alleged that China is working to increase its dominance over the countries associated with the OBOR initiative.

Casaca said, ‘The European countries need to recognize the Chinese debt trap in time. Sri Lanka has already been a victim of the Chinese debt trap. As the country could not repay a loan from Beijing, China took over one of their ports,’ Casaca cautioned the European countries. ‘Please note that China did not have any regard for the international rules with respect to the South China Sea. Thus, it will repeat the same strategy if the European leaders do not use their rights at the right time,’ he warned.

Former Hungarian Foreign Minister Istvan Ivanyi also underlined the Chinese threat. ‘We were under the impression that China is a peace-loving country. We also thought that the country is a good partner and that there is no perceived threat from it. However, we were disillusioned after studying the ambitious Chinese OBOR project because this is not a development project but a conspiracy of expansion. With this scheme, China wants to spread its influence not only in the Asian countries but also in Africa and Europe,’ alleged Iwai.

‘The world order is under threat from China, which is demonstrated through the Chinese activities in the South China Sea, Djibouti, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and the entire world should pay close attention to it,’ appealed Ivanyi.

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