A war between Russia and NATO may be possible

- Czech Army chief warns  

A war between Russia and NATO may be possible

Prague/Moscow/Brussels: A war between NATO and Russia is the worst of all possible worlds, but it is not impossible, says General Karel Rehka, Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces. The US and NATO member countries are supplying large quantities of weapons to Ukraine. It clearly shows NATO’s involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war and could lead to a Russia-NATO conflict, something Russia has repeatedly warned about.  

NATOOne and a half years have passed since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, and there are still signs of neither side being ready to back down. The US and NATO member states are providing large amounts of weapons and financial aid to Ukraine to keep the war going. On the other hand, Russia has also said that it is ready for a long-drawn conflict. Because of this, the battle appears to be intensifying every day, and it may turn into a full-blown war, claim senior military officials of various countries.  

The statement made by the Army chief of the Czech Republic also appears on the same lines. The possibility has also been raised that Russia may turn its attention towards other countries of Europe after the Russia-Ukraine conflict that is ongoing at present. Because of this, NATO has deployed a large number of troops in its member countries and begun war drills. It has come to the fore that NATO has already started preparations, considering the possibility that Russia would target one of the Baltic countries.  

The Czech Army chief has also stated that Russia is heading towards an anti-NATO conflict. Senior Russian officials and leaders have also been continuously demanding that European countries must be targeted over the arms supply to Ukraine. These include nuclear attacks as well. 


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