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Syria demands immediate withdrawal of US, France and Turkey forces

United Nations: Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem has demanded that the illegal deployment of the armies of the US, France and Turkey in Syria be withdrawn. The demand which was made during his speech in the UN General Assembly, bears evidence to the fact that Syria is turning more aggressive. A few days ago, Syria had also issued a stern warning to Israel, who has been launching relentless air-attacks on Syria.

US, France and Turkey, withdrawal, Walid al-Moualem, terrorism, Syrian conflict, world war 3, Syria, Israel The dreadful Syrian conflict is currently in its eighth year. More than 350,000 people lost their lives in the conflict while more than a hundred thousand families were displaced due to it. After saying that, “Given the circumstances, the situation in Syria is under control to a great extent”, al-Moualem appealed to the Syrian citizens living in other countries to return to their homeland. The Syrian Foreign Minister also informed that the ‘war on terrorism was almost over’ . Therefore, the US, France and Turkey militaries, deployed illegally in Syria should be withdrawn, demanded al-Moualem.

US, France and Turkey, withdrawal, Walid al-Moualem, terrorism, Syrian conflict, world war 3, Syria, Israel Nearly a thousand US military personnel are deployed in Syria. Also, more than a thousand French military personnel are deployed here and Turkey is claimed to have its military presence in Syria for an anti-Kurd action as well. The US military is training the Kurds in Syria. Demanding that ‘all the foreign forces must withdraw immediately’, the Syrian Foreign Minister retorted over the situation saying, “the presence of the forces on Syria soil is illegal”. The Syrian nationals are not willing to return to Syria as they are still under the impression that the situation in Syria is grave, owing to the misinformation spread by western countries.

Meanwhile, al-Moualem praised and thanked Russia for its support to the Syrian government. The Russian military deployment in Syria was made with permission from the Syrian government. Hence, both the countries have claimed that the Russian activities in Syria are legal. Moreover, Russia has adopted a stance to increase its support to Syria to such an extent that some parts of the country are being guarded by Russia’s military. Thus, Syria is seen to be using a tough language since the past few weeks.

A few day ago, Syria issued a stern warning to Israel regarding the air attacks on its territory and said that henceforth, Israel should think twice before initiating any attack on the country.

A strong Russian hand is said to be behind the aggressive attitude of Syria. Russia had decided to supply the country with the advanced S-300 air defence system which has been delivered to Syria. This is claimed to have made it difficult for the Israeli fighter jets to now carry out attacks on Syria. Moreover, Israel had warned Russia not to supply the system to Syria. However, following the downing of the Russian plane in Syria, the country adopted a harsh stand against Israel, and seems to have issued a serious warning to it by supplying the S-300 air defence system to Syria.

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