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Iran fires missiles to target terrorists in Syria over Ahvaz attack

Tehran – Amidst the rising tensions between Iran and the United States as well as Israel over the issues of the Iranian nuclear program and its military deployment in Syria, Iran launched a direct missile attack in Syria. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards informed that the missiles were fired to target the headquarters of the terrorist organisation responsible for the attack on the Iranian military parade in Ahvaz last month. As per information received, the Iranian missiles landed near a US military base.

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On Monday, the Revolutionary Guards’ website carried a report about targeting the headquarters of the Syrian terrorists. The Iranian Aerospace Division launched 6 missiles in the region to the east of the Euphrates River, at two o’clock in the night. Also, the Revolutionary Guards had used the medium range missiles of Zolfaghar and Qiam variants for the attacks.

The missiles were launched from the city of Kermanshah in north western Iran. They hit terrorist locations in the Deir al-Zor region in Syria at a distance of about 570 kilometres. Moreover, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards has claimed that the terrorists suffered a large number of casualties in the attack.

The mastermind behind the attack in Iran and some other terrorists are claimed to have been killed in this attack. Before the Revolutionary Guards revealed the information, videos of the missile launches had already been broadcasted on Iranian news channels. The Revolutionary Guards therefore, declared that the mission was successful.

The concerned website also claimed of drone attacks being launched along with the missile attacks in the region. The arms and ammunition warehouse of the terrorists was destroyed in the attack, informed the Revolutionary Guards.

Last month in Iran, during the military parade of the Revolutionary Guards at Ahvaz, 25 personnel were killed while 70 were injured in the terrorist firing opened at soldiers. The dead included a large number of Revolutionary Guards personnel. The terrorist organisations of IS as also Al-Ahvazia from Iran had accepted the responsibility of the attack. IS had even warned Iran of repeating such attacks. In view of the events, Iran is said to have carried out the attacks thereof.

Meanwhile, the Israeli media have raised eyebrows at the Iranian attack in Syria, in retaliation to the Ahvaz attack. There is a US military base to the east of the Euphrates River. A few news agencies have reported that the Iranian missiles landed within just 3 kilometres of the base. Even though the United States it yet to confirm the findings of the report, there are signs of an ensuing United States retaliation being inevitable.


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