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Democrat success in US mid-term elections believed to be Trump’s game plan to get his backers elected

Washington: President Donald Trump’s Republican Party could not register a thumping victory in the US mid-term elections. Though the Republican Party has retained the Senate, the House of Representatives has slipped into the hands of the Democratic Party. The US media had, therefore, claimed it would result in restraining Trump and he would not be able to have things his way. However, the reality is quite the opposite. Trump was able to get the detractors from his party defeated while at the same time, bringing in his supporters from the Democratic party to the House of Representatives. Thus contrary to the media claims, the mid-terms have further consolidated Trump’s hold on the US Congress as a whole.

mid-term elections, game plan, Donald Trump, Democratic Party, proposal, ww3, Washington, Nancy PelosiClaims were rife that the senior Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi, who won the mid-term polls would be able to stop Trump in the House of Representatives. However, President Trump has made all the arrangements to make her the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The US President surprised everyone by declaring that he would help get as many votes as are required for getting her elected as the Speaker of the House. The Trump move to support an opposition leader is baffling. Nevertheless, Trump justified his decision by pointing out at Pelosi’s seniority.

President Trump said while openly supporting Democrat leader Pelosi, ‘I will ensure that Nancy Pelosi gets the requisite votes to be elected as the speaker of the US House of Representatives. Winning the election for the Speaker’s position is her right, and she has earned it. A few people from the Democratic party are trying to deny her the victory. However, I am sure that she will win.’ Trump who is known to be a staunch Republican, has created quite a stir due to the announcement within the US political circles.

In the mid-term elections, out of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives, results for 430 have been announced. The Democrats won 232 seats while the Republicans 198. So the Democrats already have the required majority which is of 218 members, for electing the Speaker of the House. It makes the election of Nancy Pelosi easily possible. She was the Speaker of the House between 2007 and 2011 and is believed to be the likeliest Democrat choice for the position.

However, nearly 17 members of the Democratic Party are opposed to her and have demanded a new face for the Speaker. As this opposition does not have a face to propose, Pelosi becomes the apparent contestant for the position and is believed to get elected as well. Nevertheless, she could get in trouble if these members decide to vote for the opposition candidate. Given the circumstances, Trump’s proposal for assistance in the matter is remarkable.

Most importantly, the people who had claimed that Pelosi would stop President Trump in the House of Representatives were left flabbergasted. This probably explains the implicit meaning behind Trump’s statement after the mid-term elections, in which he had said that he had won.

Some analysts had claimed that some of the leaders, including Nancy Pelosi, who won the mid-term polls are hidden supporters of President Trump. They had said that Trump got his supporters from the Democratic Party elected, defeating his detractors from the Republican Party.

At the time, Nancy Pelosi declared after her victory that she would be carrying out constructive work and would not just oppose President Trump for the sake of opposition. The political meaning behind her statement is now becoming clear. It is thus apparent that President Trump has emerged stronger after the mid-term elections and the analysts who claimed the results had weakened Trump, have fallen flat on their face.

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