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No mercy’ orders for Uyghur crackdown in Xinjiang released directly by China’s President Xi, claims US daily

Washington:/Beijing: A US daily asserted that the orders to show ‘Absolutely No Mercy’ and execute ruthless crackdown against the intrusion and other activities of the Uyghurs, by using the state agencies under China’s dictatorial Communist regime, were issued directly by President Xi Jinping. The matter was exposed after a member of the ruling Chinese government handed documents on the action against the Uyghurs. China reacted sharply to the incident with an aggressive response saying that the clampdown against the Uyghurs would continue.  

In last August, the Chinese government had reportedly put 1.1 million Uyghurs, who are also Chinese citizens under house arrest. The issue concerning the Uyghurs was raised once again after the United Nations (UN) released the report. The report revealed that the Uyghur Muslims were imprisoned in the detainment camps termed by the Communist regime as re-education camps or training centres.  

After that, the matter on Uyghur Muslims was consistently raised in the last year on the international level, and many countries have castigated China over it. As a result, China was found to have been cornered in many international fora. The US Congress had declared action against China over the issue, although China expressed strong displeasure over it. Nevertheless, China’s politically facing a barrage of criticism over the Uyghurs crackdown while the media has also raised their voices against the atrocities China subjected the ethnic minority.   

Only a few days ago, the western media had exposed that the Uyghur women were subjected to sexual exploitation. The exposure of documents on the Uyghur Muslims, coming from someone working inside the Chinese regime, assumes much significance. A leading US daily, ‘The New York Times’ has published an article on the matter claiming that the report ran over 400 pages of documents. The documents reveal how the orders to undertake a stringent campaign against the Uyghur Muslims were issued by none other than Chinese President Xi Jinping in various conferences in 2014.   

The New York Times went on to claim that President Jinping had even advised using the same grounds against the Uyghurs as the United States when it undertook the ‘War on Terror’ policy after the 9/11 attacks. Also, the tabloid claimed the documents revealed the Chinese officials had begun opposing taking action against the Uyghurs after the initial brutal crackdown.  

Strong reaction emanated from the Chinese Foreign Ministry over the report in the US daily. The Ministry threatened that China would not soften the action against the Uyghur Muslims. Moreover, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang criticised the US daily for having released information by conveniently ignoring the counter-terror measures and other issues in Xinjiang. 

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