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Tensions escalate in Latin America after Brazil-Venezuela dispute

Rio de Janeiro / Caracas – The President-elect of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro has cancelled the invitation to the Venezuelan President for his swearing-in ceremony to be held next month. At the same time, the Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro has alleged that the United States along with the Latin American countries are planning military action against his country and threatened that their militaries would not make it out alive from the state. Tensions in Latin America appear to soar because of the Brazil-Venezuela dispute.

In the month of May, by resorting to malpractices during the elections, President Maduro got himself again declared the President of Venezuela for the next six years. Maduro’s reelection had severe repercussions internationally as well as in Latin America. The associations of the Latin American countries, Lima Group and OAS (Organization of American States) warned Maduro saying that henceforth, he would not be officially recognised as the President of Venezuela. At the same time, the United States indicated at taking more aggressive steps for a regime change in Venezuela by imposing sanctions against it.

Nevertheless, without paying any heed to the action against him, President Maduro initiated efforts to consolidate his hold over the government. He is attempting to project a picture of an active government by resorting to various measures like changing the currency, increasing the scope of the local militias and conducting internal elections in the country. On the other hand, he has also tried to project the international support he has in form of financial aid from Russia and Turkey and also by gaining support from ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America), an association of countries cooperating with Venezuela.

Maduro’s efforts received strong opposition from major Latin American countries like Brazil and Colombia. The Brazilian President-elect, Jair Bolsonaro has indicated at adopting an aggressive stance against Venezuela in near future through the cancellation of the invite sent to the Venezuelan President for his swearing-in ceremony next month. In line with it, Ernesto Araujo, appointed as the next Foreign Minister of Brazil, created a sensation with his appeal to the countries of the world to unite and liberate Venezuela from Maduro.

Also, Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo has joined hands with nationalist groups in Venezuela that are opposed to the Maduro government. Only a few days ago, in a tweet on the social media, Eduardo had posted the words – ‘The end is near’ which was addressed to Maduro. Furthermore, Colombia has warned of stopping all cooperation with Venezuela and has also increased the deployment along its border.

Given the developments, the tensions in Latin America have escalated further, and analysts claim that an ensuing conflict may spark in the near future.

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