Russia augments the scope of attacks on Ukraine

Russian President issues fresh warning to interfering countries

Russia augments the scope of attacks on Ukraine

Moscow/Kyiv – Russia seems to increase the scope of attacks more day by the day after the start of the second phase of military action in Ukraine. In the last 24 hours, Russian Defence Forces have launched more than 600 attacks on Ukrainian military locations. These include locations holding the stockpile of foreign weapons and drones, missile launchers, railways, bridges, tanks and armoured vehicles. It is also said that three cities and important parts of eastern Ukraine were seized. While increasing the intensity of the attacks in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the countries interfering in Ukraine will get a clear response.  

हल्ल्यांची व्याप्तीLast week, the Russian Defence Forces activated the second phase of the military action on Ukraine. The intensity of the Russian attacks seems to be increasing day by day. The Russian Defence Forces have been targeting large numbers of Ukrainian military locations. At the same time, Russia has been succeeding in seizing the cities and important parts of the east and south of Ukraine. It revealed Russia had seized two cities in the Donbass region and the areas in Kharkiv province in the last 24 hours.  

Russian Defence Forces targeted more than 630 Ukrainian military locations in 24 hours. The Russian air force has launched attacks on about 60 areas. The Russian navy targeted a large arsenal in the city of Zaporizhzhia. The arsenal housed weapons supplied by Western nations. In addition, the Russian Defence Forces informed it had attacked eight weapons warehouses in other parts of Ukraine. There have also been reports of attacks on a steel factory in Mariupol.  


It has also surfaced that attacks were launched even in Russian provinces near the Ukrainian border. Ukrainian drones, as well as fighter jets, are said to be targeting Russian provinces. It was informed that a fuel depot in Russia caught fire in one of the attacks. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a new warning to countries interfering in Ukraine.  

Putin warned that if any country attempts to interfere in Ukraine, it will get an immediate and robust response. The Russian President also said that the action plan was ready if Russia’s strategic security was threatened. 

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