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After Qatar talks fail with US, Afghan Special Forces initiate action against Taliban killing 60 terrorists

Kabul – In the last 24 hours, the Afghan special forces eliminated 60 Taliban terrorists in operation undertaken in various areas of Afghanistan. The Afghan forces also carried out air attacks on the Taliban locations. The aggressive action was initiated by the Afghan troops following the failure of dialogue in Qatar between the United States and the Taliban.

Afghan Special Forces, initiate action, Logar, terrorists, military operation, Kabul, Afghanistan, United StatesThe operation took place in Logar, Wardak and also in Helmand and Urozgan provinces of Afghanistan. A total of 29 Taliban terrorists were killed in the action by the Afghan forces in the Baraki Barak, Charkh and Sayyidabad districts of Logar and Wardak provinces. At the time, a large stash of arms and ammunition found with the terrorists was also destroyed.

The Afghan military carried out air strikes in the districts of Nowzad and Musa Qal’ah in Helmand province as also in the Tariq city of Urozgan province in which 12 terrorists were killed. Furthermore, a Taliban radio tower was also destroyed. In the Paktia region located close to the Pakistani border, the Afghan military carried out raids on the Taliban locations in which terrorists were terminated as well, the Afghan army informed.

Against the backdrop of the talks initiated by the United States with the Taliban, the Afghan military operation appears to be extensive. Only last week, the second and third rounds of talks were held between Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, a co-founder of the Taliban and the US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad. While the negotiations were in progress, the Taliban carried out attacks on the Afghan defence forces in a show of strength. Taliban’s main demands were – the complete withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan and not assigning much significance to the current Afghan government. Nevertheless, the United States has refused to accept both the demands.

It is, therefore, quite evident that the Afghan forces launched the offensive against the Taliban after the US-Taliban talks failed. The Taliban is attempting to mount pressure on the United States by adopting an aggressive stance at a time when the United States is contemplating a military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Albeit, the US military officials and leaders have cautioned President Donald Trump against the disengagement. Moreover, the head of the US Central Command (CENTCOM), General Joseph Votel has claimed that no instructions for the Afghan withdrawal were received as yet.

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