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Scientists from North Korea, Belarus killed in Israel air raids on Iran base in Syria, claims Israeli military intelligence website

Tel Aviv: Two scientists from North Korea and Belarus, were reportedly killed in Israel’s air strikes last week on the Masyaf airbase in Syria. A website linked to the Israeli military intelligence claimed that the two scientists were on a visit to the Iranian missile manufacturing project at the time of the attack. However, Belarus has rejected the claim, the Israeli website had made. Although it has declared complete support to Syria’s Assad regime.

Israeli military intelligence, air raids, Masyaf city, Scientists, attack, ww3, Syria, Belarus, HezbollahLast Friday, Israel carried out air raids on the Masyaf city in the Hama Province of Syria. The Syrian military has a large base at Masyaf. Two months ago, Israel had claimed that Iran had built a wall inside the military base, to incorporate a base in one section while initiating a missile factory in the other part of the base. Last week, the Iranian military base at Masyaf, suffered extensive damage in Israel’s attack. The human rights organisation and anti-Assad rebels in Syria claimed that Iranian soldiers and Hezbollah terrorists were killed in the attack.

A few hours after the attack, reports had surfaced of many of Iranian soldiers being killed in the Masyaf air strikes. Syria and Iran have abstained from reacting on the matter. However, two days after the attack, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif visited Syria and met President Bashar Al-Assad. The visit had, therefore, strengthened the claims of Iran having suffered extensive damage in the attack.

Given the scenario, an Israeli military intelligence website posted sensational information regarding the Masyaf attack. ‘Expert scientists from North Korea and Belarus were working in two different buildings of the missile factory, located at the Syrian Masyaf base,’ the website stated. Israel has attacked the Masyaf base, even in the past although the intensity of the most recent attack was much higher. The Israeli website has claimed that the base was destroyed in the attack.

Meanwhile, the Israeli website claim has not been substantiated. Nevertheless, Israel had attacked the Iranian and Hezbollah locations in Syria even in the past and was subsequently revealed after a while. Two days ago, Israeli Prime Minister made a suggestive statement saying, ‘Whosoever is found to be a threat for Israel, would find Israel increasingly threatening,’ and reiterated that the attacks on Syria would continue.

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