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Latest ceasefire ‘last chance’ to prevent all-out war between Israel and Hamas, claims UN Envoy to Mideast

Gaza – The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Nickolay Mladenov underscored that ‘the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is the ‘last chance’ to prevent a full-blown war.’ After a fierce conflict that claimed the lives of 25 Palestinians and 4 Israeli citizens, a ceasefire was agreed upon between Israel and Hamas ten days ago.

Israel and Hamas, ceasefire, Nickolay Mladenov, terrorist organisations, rocket attacks, ww3, Gaza, United StatesThe terrorist organisations of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas from the Gaza strip had launched rocket attacks on Israel. Israel had retaliated with air strikes on the Hamas locations in Gaza. Additionally, Israel had also prepared to start a comprehensive war against the armed group. However, a ceasefire was reached with the mediation from Egypt, although Qatar and the United Nations (UN) had also tried for it. Nevertheless, a fierce war would have broken out between Israel and Hamas had the ceasefire not been reached.

While inaugurating a solar power generator for a hospital in Gaza, UN Special Envoy Nickolay Mladenov highlighted the point. At the time, Mladenov expressed hope that both Israel and Gaza would fully understand the importance of the current ceasefire. He was trying to highlight the significance of the truce to Israel and the armed group by stating that an all-out war was averted due to it.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had issued a warning stating that even though a ceasefire was in place if Israel was invaded, they were prepared to launch crushing attacks on Hamas within no time. Nonetheless, Hamas claims the truce is a significant victory for the armed group while a major defeat for Israel. Considering the circumstances, the ceasefire might come to an end at any moment. Moreover, the United States, too, has advised Hamas and other extremist organisations in Gaza not to strike Israel warning them of strict action.

Given the developments, the UN Special Envoy’s warning assumes much significance. Meanwhile, Gaza has suffered considerable damages in the Israeli attacks. Qatar said it would provide substantial aid for the Palestinian citizens. Also, Mohammed Al Emadi, the Ambassador of Qatar, had arrived at Gaza with financial support worth $30 million. Although Qatar sent cash assistance to the Gazans who had suffered losses after the truce, the Palestinians have complained that the amount is grossly insufficient.

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