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German MEP accuses French President Macron of destroying European democracy

Berlin/Paris: German leaders have made crushing criticism against the French President saying that there was no French-German front in the European Union (EU) instead, Emmanuel Macron was trying to destroy European democracy. As the European elections have concluded, the appointment for prominent positions of the EU will soon be conducted, but the French President is said to have taken a very aggressive stance on it. The German political circles are displeased with French President’s disapproval of a German candidate for a position in the EU and the controversial statements Macron made against him. The instance is indicative of a conflict possibly arising among the leading nations of the EU itself.

European democracy, disapproval of a German candidate, Emmanuel Macron, European Union, criticism, Berlin, Brussels The European People’s Party or the EPP  has won maximum seats in the European elections, making it the largest group. German Minister Manfred Weber is the leader of the group, and his appointment as the chief of the European Commission was considered a certainty. As per EU tradition, the leader of the group winning the most number of seats in the parliament was an automatic choice as chief of the European Commission. The selection is made in the post-election meeting of the heads of states of the EU’s 28 member nations.

Considering the situation, the selection of the German leader, Weber was expected in the meeting held in Brussels last week. Angela Merkel, the leader of Germany, which is the leading and most prominent nation in the EU, declared support for Weber. Weber’s appointment as the European Commission chief was considered assured given the close relations shared by Merkel and Macron. However, Macron opposed the election of Weber during the EU meeting in Brussels.

Weber’s selection has therefore been postponed, which, as a result, delayed the choice for the other positions in the EU as well. After declaring his candidacy, Weber expressed strong displeasure over President Macron’s stand during an interview. Weber fired a salvo of criticism at Macron saying ‘The proposals everyone are presenting could only be termed as destructive. The European Union will soon be entering a significant phase of crises.’

This is believed to be the first instance of such extreme tensions between France and Germany, over the selection of the office bearers in the EU. The incident has raised questions on the closeness shared by France and Germany over the last few years. The lead the two nations had taken as also the stand they adopted for unity, had proved crucial at a time when warnings were issued over EU’s disintegration. Nevertheless, the conflict that has sparked between the two states can spell trouble for the future of the EU, warn analysts.

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