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Outburst of civil unrest likely in 75 nations or 40% of world’s nations including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chile, Nigeria, claims a UK-based global risk consultancy 

London – A UK research firm has claimed that the flareup of civil unrest, seen last year in various parts of the world, is surging and in this year, the discontent may intensify in nearly 75 countries of the world. Research firm Verisk Maplecroft noted in its report that in 2019 47 countries of the world witnessed an outburst of discontent involving protests and violence. At the same time, the report marks that risk of unrest is the highest in countries of Venezuela, Iran, Pakistan and Ethiopia.   

Verisk Maplecroft recently published a report called the ‘Political Risk Outlook 2020’. The study mentions the ongoing protests and violence the year 2019 saw in 47 countries of the world. Also, asserts the trend would continue this year. The report categorises Hong Kong and Chile as the most volatile regions for the civil unrest and warns that the situation would persist for the next two years. 

The UK research firm forecasts that 10 countries would experience the most intense outburst of discontent, protests and violence in 2020. The states are Iran, Venezuela, Libya, Guinea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chile, Palestine and Ethiopia. The study forecasts that the protests in Lebanon and Bolivia would potentially turn violent.  

The report ‘Political Risk Outlook 2020’ sends out a word of caution by stating that ‘In 2019, people in many countries expressed brewing outrage by taking to the streets with violent protests. The protests were an unexpected and surprising development for the leaders of the countries. Some of the governments attempted to resolve the cause of the discontent. However, the causes for their displeasure are plenty and deeply rooted in their hearts, finding solutions to which could take many years.’  

Verisk Maplecroft affirms having conducted their study and survey in 125 countries for compiling the report. As per the report – ‘Political Risk Outlook 2020’, a flareup of civil unrest was possible in nearly 75 countries of the 125 stated. The research firm thus highlighted that almost 40% of the 195 countries across the globe were at risk of instability and protests.  

In the last two years, leading institutions, media, officials and experts in the world have consistently underscored the intensification of conflicts globally. Two years ago, the then chief of the British military had compared the current strife and tensions to the situation during the First World War. On the other hand, Middle Eastern analysts have warned of a fresh wave of ‘Arab Spring’ emanating across the region. In its 2019 report, the United Nations (UN) noted that more than 40 million people were forced to displace because of the conflicts and violence. 

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