Angry protests erupt in Palestine against Trump’s Deal of the Century  

Angry protests erupt in Palestine against Trump’s Deal of the Century  

Gaza: Vitriolic reactions emerged from the Palestinians against the US President’s Israel- Palestine proposal. The Palestinians, who took to streets in Gaza in large numbers, expressed their anger by burning photographs of US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Hamas leaders have warned that Trump’s proposal would not receive acceptance under any circumstances and the entire Palestinian population would unanimously foil the US-Israel conspiracy.   

 In his peace plan, President Trump proposed that Israel would hold the sovereign right over an undivided Jerusalem and remain its capital. In exchange for that, Palestinians will receive double the area presently held by Palestinians, Trump announced. President Trump asserted the proposal was the ‘Deal of the Century’ by adding that the Palestinian capital would be in east Jerusalem.  

President Trump further said, ‘The key feature of the plan is that no Israeli or Palestinian will have to leave their current place of residence. If Palestine accepts the proposal, giving up terrorism and violence, the United States will invest $50 billion in Palestine.’ However, the Palestinians have rejected Trump’s Deal of the Century in its entirety. On Thursday, they took to the streets of Gaza in significant numbers and aggressively protested against the US and Israel.  


The protestors set fire to tyres as also burnt the photographs of the US President and Israeli Prime Minister to express their discontent. ‘The United States and Israel are telling us to give up our right over the holy Al-Aqsa mosque along with Jerusalem. That will never be possible,’ the protestors said. The Palestinian parents claimed that even their children had abstained from school to register the protest against the proposal. On the other hand, Hamas spokesman Raafat Morra said that all of the Palestinians were united over the issue.  

‘The US-Israel peace plan is meant to crush Palestine, make the Israeli encroachment on Palestinian land official and reject the rights of the Palestinians. It will never be acceptable. The Palestinians will now fight more aggressively instead to achieve their objective, and we stand united for the cause,’ Raafat Morra said. Likewise, other Palestinian leaders have also criticised the United States and Israel.  

Turkey, Iran and Jordan have responded severely on the US proposal and vigorously opposed it. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have demanded discussions between Israel and Palestine over the matter. Moreover, all the Palestinian organisations have discarded the possibility of negotiations saying that no talks were possible on the US proposal. 

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