Russia’s Arctic Military Base is preparation for Third World War: American daily

Russia’s Arctic Military Base is preparation for Third World War: American daily

Moscow/Washington (News Agency) – An American daily has made a shocking claim that the construction of three new modernized military bases by Russia in the Arctic is in fact a preparation for the Third World War. The new military bases in Arctic region by Russia are hardly 300 miles away from the American border. Few American and British newspapers published that Russia has also begun construction of independent security base in the Pacific Ocean apart from the one in Arctic which would pose a challenge for the American and Chinese Military supremacy.

Russia’s Arctic Military Base is preparation for Third World war

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the new construction of military bases in the Arctic and Pacific Ocean further stating “We have not kept anything secret. We have a base on the Novosibirsk Island of the Island of Kotelny. This is a major base which never existed during the Soviet Union regime. The military base is commissioned with all necessary modern equipments and weapons. Russia will be commissioning the Arctic region Military base by year 2018”

Apart from Island of Kotelny, the construction of military bases is ongoing on ‘Wrangel Island’ and ‘Cape Schmidt’ regions in Arctic and will be complete in near future, said the Russian Defense Minister. ‘Cape Schmidt’ base is hardly 320 miles away from ‘Point of Hope’ situated at the border in the Alaska region of US. Hence it is clearly evident that the construction of this base by Russia is to gain military supremacy over America.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in year 2012 announced his decision to accelerate the activities to enhance military capabilities in Arctic region. Subsequently Russia has undertaken the upgrading their defence capabilities and stressed upon the creating new military bases. It is said that the construction work of military bases in Arctic region started from year 2013 and in the past two years Russia is carrying out large scale war drills in this Artic region.

Based on the change of Government in Ukraine and the subsequent conflicts, America and NATO has been striving to intensify the military deployment in neighbouring countries of Russia. America and NATO are justifying the increase in military force as a defence strategy against the aggressive Russian policies. However Russia is extremely upset over this military deployment and has threatened to retaliate with counter fitting response.Russian efforts to increase military dominance by the constructing new bases in Arctic regions close to America, seems to be a part of same strategy.

Russia has also announced the start of construction of military base in Kurile Island in Pacific Ocean following Arctic region.Tensions have escalated between Russia and Japan over the ownership rights of Kurile Islands. After the completion of military bases in Arctic and Pacific Ocean, Russia would possess military protection in all four corners of Asian continent. This is considered to challenge the military dominance of America as well as China.

American and British newspapers referring to Russia’s custody of Crimea and aerial strikes in Syria have expressed fear and concern about the new construction of military bases by Russia as a preparation for the Third World War.


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