Paris Terror Attacks a part of Third World War – Pope Francis

Paris Terror Attacks a part of Third World War – Pope Francis

pope-francis ParisVatican City (News Agency) – Supreme Christian Spiritual leader Pope Francis has expressed deep grief over the gruesome terror attacks in France. I am extremely shocked over these attacks and with its pain I seek mercy from God, said Pope Francis and added that the terror attacks in Paris is a part of the Third World War.

Pope Francis condemned the Paris attacks while speaking to an Italian television channel. Pope Francis stated that none of the problems can be resolved with envy and violence. Instigating violence in the name of God is equivalent to condemning God. It is difficult to understand how humans can carry out such cruel attacks, said Pope Francis and expressed sorrow over this violence. Pope Francis appealed all to pray for peace to all the deceased in the attacks.

Meanwhile Italian television channel ‘TV 2000’ reported an interview given by Pope Francis mentioning the attacks in Paris to be a part of the Third World War.Earlier Pope Francis referred to the ongoing blood stained conflicts across the world as part of blood shed of Third World War which seems to still continue.Pope Francis warned that the Third World War is different compared to the First and Second World War and is being waged in bit and pieces.

World is facing Third World War – Jordanian King Abdullah

Pristina (News Agency) –‘The World is facing Third World War. This aspect will bring us all together’, said Jordan’s King Abdullah and appealed to the whole world to unite to fight against terrorism. Jordanian King Abdullah the Second, who is currently touring Kosovo, during his discussions with President of Kosovo Atifete Jahjaga made this appeal to the international masses.

jordan-king Paris‘It is clear after the attacks in Paris that terrorists can attack anytime and anywhere. Hence it is evident that terrorism has waged war against the entire human race’, remarked King Abdullah. King Abdullah expressed faith that this aspect will cause the whole humanity to unite and post the attacks in Paris it is necessary for whole world to take immediate actions against terrorism. Unless all countries take extensive actions it will not be possible to fight terrorism, commented King Abdullah.

King Abdullah said Russia’s role can prove to be important in this Third World War. Considering the dominance of Russia over Syria, the contribution of Russia to resolve the problems in Syria through political negotiations will prove to be important, claimed King Abdullah.

King Abdullah drove attention to the fact that ‘IS’ has so far massacred several Muslims, other organizations affiliated with ‘IS’ are enacting the ‘IS’.

Jordan has been greatly affected by the conflicts in Syria and the count of Syrian migrants taking refuge in Jordan is said to have raised over Ten Lakhs. Hence Jordan is appealing all major nations for political negotiations to resolve the problems in Syria.


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