US capable of countering any threat: US Strategic Command

US capable of countering any threat: US Strategic Command

Washington: ‘US is capable of tackling any kind of missiles possessed by Russia. No one should have a doubt about this’, was the stern warning given by the Commander of the ‘Strategic Command’, General John Hyten. Also, US is capable of handling any kind of danger and the US submarines at undisclosed locations will not keep a trace of existence of that country, said General Hyten.

US Strategic CommandPresident Putin has threatened the US of missile and nuclear attacks twice in one week. The US has given strong reaction to this and General Hyten has issued this reaction to send a ‘Message’ to Russia. ‘They can make powerful attacks on the US, this is the only thing in their hand. After this, the US will use all its might to retaliate against the attacks. No one should doubt the US’s capability in this regard’, said General Hyten.

General Hyten made these statements during a hearing in front of the ‘Armed Services Committee’ of the US Senate. Not only this, deployment locations of the US submarines are not known to anyone. If the US decides, it can wipe out the existence of the attacking country within no time, informed General Hyten about the preparation of the country.

John Rood, the Under Secretary of Defence for Policy, objected to the Russian President’s threat. The threats issued to the US by the Russian President are not surprising, but they are disappointing.


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